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Bart Edelman was born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1951 and spent his childhood in Teaneck. He moved to California after earning both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Hofstra University in New York.

Edelman has taught at Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York, Santa Monica College, West Los Angeles College, Long Beach City College, and UCLA. Currently, he is a professor of English at Glendale College where he edits Eclipse, a literary journal. He has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships from the U. S. Department of Education and the L.B.J. School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin to conduct literary research in India, Egypt, Nigeria, and Poland.

Crossing the Hackensack, Edelman's first book of poetry, was published by Prometheus Press in 1993. Susan Heeger, in the Los Angeles Times, wrote, "Edelman has written movingly about the cultural and emotional limbo of living abroad." Michael Logue, of Chapman University's Steel and Ivy Poetry Series, commented, "Edelman bridges the two worlds of scholarly poetry and the oral traditions of street poetry to create a rich work of art which touches the reader on many levels. His poetry appeals not only to the intellect but also to the emotions."

Edelman's second book, Under Damaris' Dress, was published by Lightning Publications in 1996. Mike Cluff, in Inside English, wrote, "Edelman's poetry shows an artist at work. . . his poetry is poignant, metaphoric and breathtaking." Cheri Davis Langdell, author of W.S. Merwin, commented, "Bart Edelman's poetry is true art. These beautiful, knowing poems are about loneliness, love and isolation, poems which have at their center a stillness as well as a strong presence." Stephen Minot, author of Three Genres, wrote "Edelman manages to catch our darkest fantasies, secrets and grudging loves with grace and wit. His poetry also honors love and the erotic. . . a very promising poet."

The Alphabet of Love, Edelman's third collection, was published by Red Hen Press in 1999. Oscar Mandel, author of Fundamentals of the Art of Poetry, wrote, "often humorous, always tender-hearted, Bart Edelman is the best kind of poet we have. . . . This entire collection of shimmering pearls sings to a multitude of grateful readers." Jo Ray McCuen, editor of Readings for Writers, commented, "All of the tightly woven, passionate lines in Bart Edelman's The Alphabet of Love enter your heart where they cast a hypnotic spell that leaves you with new insights about love, hate, and despair. . . . Edelman has made a significant contribution to contemporary poetry." Miriam Sagan wrote "Bart Edelman's are elegant lean poems that penetrate directly to the heart of human life."

Edelman's most recent volume of poetry is The Gentle Man, also published by Red Hen Press, in 2001. Kate Gray, in the Clackamas Literary Review, wrote "Men's poetry has grown into a gentle art. . . . Perhaps it was Robert Bly who called men inside themselves. Certainly it was Billy Collins and Li-Young Lee who challenged men to notice their vulnerable natures and the intimacy of their relationships. In this fine new tradition lies Bart Edelman. In his latest collection, The Gentle Man, he captures the complexity of the roles men play today. . . ." William Heyen commented, "Not quite like any other poetry I've read. . . Bart Edelman's complex and inexhaustible song in The Gentle Man concerns his admission that 'What I really know about love / Could never amount to much.' . . . Reading this unexpected, unusual, troubling book, I kept thinking of Emerson's 'Up again, old heart!' And my deep anxieties were answered with poetry."

Edelman frequently appears at many of Los Angeles' best known poetry venues: Midnight Special, Skylight, Dutton's, and Vroman's, as well as Barnes & Noble, Crown and Borders bookstores. Audiences have heard him read his work, conduct poetry workshops, and address faculty and administrators at conferences across the country at Clackamas Community College, Riverside City College, Santa Ana College, East Los Angeles College, Caltech, Chapman University, American River College, Tomball College, University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, Florida Community College, Old Dominion University, Sussex Community College, Bergen Community College, Hofstra University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Edelman was Poet-in-Residence at Monroe College of the State University of New York at Rochester for National Poetry Month in April, 2002.

Edelman's poetry has appeared in newspapers and literary journals. Anthology and textbook credits include Harcourt Brace, Simon & Schuster, Prentice Hall, and the recent collection, September 11, 2001: American Writers Respond, published by Etruscan Press. He lives in Pasadena.

Conference Presentations/Featured Readings/Poetry Workshops

American River College--Sacramento
Artspace --Woodland Hills
Barnes & Noble --Austin, Texas
Barnes & Noble --Burbank
Barnes & Noble -- Colony, New York
Barnes & Noble --Paramus, New Jersey
Barnes & Noble --Pasadena
Barnes & Noble --Santa Ana
Bergen Community College--Paramus, New Jersey
Bookstar --Studio City --Writers Harvest (PEN)
Bookstop--Houston, Texas
Borders Books -- Glendale
Borders Books--Paramus, New Jersey
Borders Books --Pasadena
Cafe Alta -- Newport Beach
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) -- Pasadena
Cezanne --Houston, Texas
Chapman University--Orange
Clackamas Community College --Oregon City, Oregon
Cleo & Cucci --Pasadena
Duet --Glendale
Dutton's Books ---Brentwood
East Los Angeles College --Los Angeles
The Factory --Santa Ana
Fairleigh Dickinson University --Teaneck, New Jersey
Florida Community College --Jacksonville
Glendale College --Glendale
Glendale Public Library --Glendale
Gypsy Den --Costa Mesa
Highland Grounds --Hollywood
Hofstra University --Hempstead, New York
Iguana Cafe --North Hollywood
Living Planet --Long Beach
Lulu's Alibi --West Los Angeles
Midnight Special Books --Santa Monica
Monroe College (SUNY) Poet-in-Residence --Rochester, New York
Moondog Cafe -- Hollywood
Old Dominion University --Norfolk, Virginia
Old Pasadena Books --Pasadena
Powell's Books --Portland, Oregon
RacheleLozzi Gallery --Los Angeles Hilton Towers
Ramona Middle School --La Verne
Randolph Library --Randolph, New Jersey
The Reader's Edge -- Montrose
River Edge Library --River Edge, New Jersey
Riverside City College --Riverside
Santa Ana College --Santa Ana
Sierra Madre Library --Sierra Madre
Skylight Books --Los Angeles
Super Crown --Glendale
Sussex County Community College --Newton, New Jersey
Teaneck High School --Teaneck, New Jersey
Tomball College --Houston, Texas
U Knihomola Books --Prague -- The Prague Revue Visiting Poets Series
University of Houston --Houston, Texas
University of Texas at Austin --Austin, Texas
Upchurch-Brown Booksellers --Laguna Beach
Vroman's --Pasadena

Mr.Edelman's publications include innumerable articles and poems. His poetry collections include Crossing the Hackensack, (Prometheus Press, 1993), Under Damaris' Dress, (Lightning Publications, 1996), The Alphabet of Love, (Red Hen Press, 1999) and his most recent book, The Gentle Man (Red Hen Press 2001) .

Here is a partial listing of Mr. Edelman's other publications and reviews of his work.

Mr. Edelman giving a reading with his students at Skylight Books in Los Angeles.

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Bart Edelman

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