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Associate Professor of Mass Communication


I'm from Los Angeles, East Hollywood to be exact. I attended Los Angeles public schools K-12. My first newspaper job was with the long-gone Hollywood Citizen-News. I delivered 'em from bags slung over the hi-rise bars of an old Huffy that I bought with birthday money.

Since then I've had more formal education than is probably good for a person and have held a variety of jobs (not all of them menial) in the media. I began teaching in 1985 at Long Beach City College. I've been at Glendale College since 1987.

Interests, Activities & Plans

This web page is part of an effort to convert my newspaper-based journalism department into a mass communications department that also includes online communications. I also teach political science. You might want to look at my Election '96 Page.

I recently completed writing a centennial history of Griffith Park. According to my publisher, it will be out in Summer 1996. I've also put together a Griffith Park History Web Site. I also created a page around the reopening of L.A.'s Angels Flight. I also put together a modest page on the history of Glendale College.

About My Picture

You may wonder why the cartoon image of me above looks so stunned. Perhaps it's because I've just read the Internet list of really, really bad headlines.

Other Stuff

I'm a daily bicycle commuter through the streets of Los Angeles and Glendale, one of the few I'm afraid.

Other Places in Webspace

One local web site I have high hopes for is run by the L.A. Free-Net. If you're interested in the big educational institutions around L.A., you can reach UCLA or USC at their home pages. A growing number of museums around town are getting on the web. For example, there's the L.A. County Museum of Natural History and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Also, there's a very nice web page that presents the history of the Mount Wilson Observatory.

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