April 24, 2004
We Contend with 'On the Waterfront'
at Glendale's Historic Alex Theatre
The Alex Film Society screens classic films in an absolutely spectacular venue--Glendale's 1925-vintage Egyptian-inspired movie palace, the Alex Theatre. And this semester the AFS outdid itself with a program centered around a 50th anniversary screening of the iconic "On the Waterfront."

As always, the AFS supported the film with an informative newsletter, a period newsreel and cartoon screened before the movie, and a special introduction to the theatre for the Mass Comm 101 group.

The day had a somber tinge to it, though, since the screening (the only date available to our group) fell on April 24, the traditional day of remembrance of the Armenian genocide. Some students chose, understandably, to do an alternative assignment on another day.

Still, we drew about 45 students and guests for this MC101 field trip. Here are some of the early arrivals.

Everything about the Alex is charmingly and authentically retro. Here is the marquee, although during the daytime you don't get to appreciate all the neon.
Here's what the theater looked like in 1959.

Back to the neon memtioned above. At left is a shot of the Alex's classic neon spire at night.


One of the fun things to do at the Alex is to just hang out and spend some time in the theater's glamorous forecourt.
The Alex Film Society publishes Voice of the Theatre, a classy and informative newsletter with articles that go into some depth about the film to be shown and its stars.