Oct. 27, 2007
We See a WWII Classic at the Alex
Alex Group F07
The Alex Film Society screens vintage films at Glendale's 1925-vintage Egyptian-inspired movie palace, the Alex Theatre. This semester, we went to an AFS program with a Halloween theme. The event was built around the horror camp classic, Creature from the Black Lagoon.

As always, the AFS supported the film with an informative newsletter, a relevant lobby exhibit, a vintage cartoon (monster themed, of course), and a special introduction for the Mass Comm 101 group.

Here is the marquee for the day's event.
  Marquee F07
Here's what the theater looked like in 1959.

Back to the neon mentioned above. At left is a shot of the Alex's classic neon spire at night.


Let's get back to this afternoon's field trip...

One of the fun things to do at the Alex is to just hang out and spend some time in the theater's glamorous forecourt.
 Forecourt Trip F07
There is an Old Hollywood sort of drama to the forecourt that today's multiplexes can't quite match.   Forecourt F07
These MC101s hung around the box office as our group gathered.
 Alex Box Office F07
Some MC101s brought guests (in this case, her sister).
MC101 and Guest
Randy Carter of the Alex Film Society gave the group a Hollywood insider's introduction to what we were about to see. Intro by Randy F07
Oh yes, and we all got 3-D glasses just as audiences got when Creature opened in 1954. 3-D Glasses