Internet Research Project #2
for Mr. Doyle's classes


Compare and contrast the differences in bias and handling of the same incident or newsworthy story by different media outlets. Look up at least two different media outlets on the Internet. Find a big controversial story that is covered by both outlets. Print out those stories and read them carefully. Write a compare and contrast essay covering these points:

How to do it:

Look for a good story that is covered by more than one magazine or newspaper.

Look for a good article on the homepage of each site. Scan the material carefully to see if the information is relevant and is talked about on at least three sites. If so, write down the URL address (it should be in the "Location" box above the buttons), and press the "Print" button and have the computer print the first few pages of the Internet site.

Write your essay answering the above questions using Microsoft Word on the Applications page. It should be about a page in length. Put your name on the paper and turn it in to Mr.Doyle.

You don't have to get the information from the internet. You may use two current articles from printed newspapers or magazines.

Start the work now. Look for media outlets:
Media Outlets
Time Magazine
CNN Interactive
Los Angeles Times
USA Today

Other Media:
more media outlets.

Dennis Doyle

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