January 10, 2006 
Autry Introduces MC101s to
the Media Version of the West
 Autry Group Jan. 10, 2006
The Autry National Center is an appropriate place for a Mass Comm 101 field trip. It compares the media version of the American West with the actual West.

Our Tuesday afternoon outing began in the plaza next to the museum entrance. Here are some early arrivals.


The Autry does a good job of pointing out that much of what we think we know about the 19th Century American West actually comes from Western movies and other media that was constructed to entertain us rather than teach us history. This scene, which looks to be straight out of a western movie, was actually near the interchange of two major freeways.
 Western Scene 1.10.06  

These MC101s found a gallery that depicts the lives of Native Americans in the American West.
   Autry Exhibit 01.10.06
 Chinese Dragon The Autry does a good job of pointing out that the actual American West contained numerous ethnic communities that rarely were depicted in Western entertainment. This dragon is also part of the exhibit on the Chinese community in Los Angeles.
We looked at artifacts from the actual American West. 
It was hard to tell them from the movie props.

For example, is this a real whiskey bottle, or is it a prop
designed to be harmlessly broken over someone's head
during a bar fight scene?

(It's real)
  Autry Assignment 01.10.06
Some MC101s congregated on the lower level to work through their field trip assignment.