March 1, 2001
The Old West: Was It Built by Cowboys or Directors?
We had a great group for the Autry, 54 in all.
Here is the group in front of a bronze of Gene Autry on his horse, Champion.


Our visit began with lunch at the Autry's cafeteria-style restaurant, the Golden Spur. For some reason, I feel compelled to let the world know that I went for the chicken quesadilla plate.
In the Autry's Spirit of Romance Gallery, we looked at depictions of the American West in 19th Century paintings. Sarah Thorpe ponders the meaning of it all.
The gallery winds around in roughly chronological fashion. By the 1950s, singing cowboy stars are beginning to conquer a new medium, television. With it came a slew of merchandising opportunities, such as this cowboy bicycle.
Of course, it wouldn't really be a Mass Comm 101 field trip if there weren't some opportunities for good fun. Michelle Christopher and Nancy Yaldizian participate in a classic western movie chase scene, outriding their pursuers while continuing to hold on to their notebooks.