July 8, 2008
MC101s Give Autry National
Center a Big 'Yee-Haw!'
Autry Su08 Group
The Autry National Center is an appropriate place for a Mass Comm 101 field trip. It compares the media version of the American West with the actual West.

Our Tuesday afternoon outing began in the plaza next to the museum entrance.

We had a great turnout. 

This exhibit sought to depict saloon life as it actually was versus how it is portrayed in the movies. These MC101s are in front of an actual 19th Century bar called the Los Angeles Bar.
 Los Angeles Bar
These MC101s found a quiet corner of the museum to sort through their field trip assignment notes.
 MC101s in Jail
The American West had its share of unsavory characters. These MC101s experience the Old West version of a "time out."
 Chinese Dragon The American West was a more diverse place than was typically depicted in classic Western entertainment. This dragon was part of an exhibit on the Chinese community in Los Angeles.
Western Town
Part of the museum was about the American West and how it has been portrayed in the movies. These MC101s are looking at an exhibit set on a western-style main street.
Autry Group
At the end of the field trip, MC101s checked in to get their field trip credit.