October 9, 2001
We Explore the Reality and the Myth of the Old West
We had a record turnout of 72 students and guests for our MC101-
SS127 field trip to the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Here are some of the early arrivals.



Our visit began with lunch at the Autry's cafeteria-style restaurant, the Golden Spur. A very nice group of students turned out. We sat at long tables, ate lunch and spoke about many things.
The Autry's Spirit of Romance Gallery is great at showing how the history of myth-making and the American West. MC101 students were quite diligent about taking notes.
The gallery winds around in roughly chronological fashion. By the 1940s, singing cowboy stars were being marketed across several mass media--and a big new mass medium (television) loomed on the horizon.
Of course, it wouldn't really be a Mass Comm 101 field trip if there weren't some opportunities for good fun. Several MC101 students chose to put themselves in a classic western movie chase scene.