April 21, 2002, Part 3
Riding Home Along the Blue Pacific
After a night of unimaginable debauchery at the Carpinteria Motel 6, I wake up, get a light breakfast, load my panniers, zero out my bike computer and turn in my room key. I'm on the road by 6:30.
A couple of miles into the ride I am dumped onto Highway 101. The shoulder is consistently wide and traffic is light, so it's no problemo. 
In Ventura, I turn right toward the coast rather than turn left into Downtown. Today I am taking the coastal route. If much of yesterday was a Tour de Suburbs, today's ride will sometimes feel like Tour de Wealth. More on that later. For now, here's a photo of the Ventura Pier.
Yesterday, I avoided Oxnard. Today I get to ride through a long swath of it. This bridge over the Santa Clara River takes me from Ventura into Oxnard. I find Oxnard an interesting city. Its future, I believe, is very much up for grabs. But for now I simply enjoy the sound of my bike tires rolling over the metal planks of the bridge's bike path.
Let me show you two of Oxnard's many faces. For one thing, it is home to this large, prosperous-looking marina in Channel Islands Harbor.

Am I the only one who hears the theme from Gilligan's Island when looking at this photo?

Oxnard, at least on its fringes, also continues to be an agricultural community. Not too far from this field was an almost-finished subdivision. "Houses from the $300s" according to the sign.

How much of this land will be given over to the developers and what the rules will be for development will shape the future of this city for many years to come.

Nearby Port Mugu is home to a naval air base. One of the sights along Navalair Drive is Missile Park. Ever want to see what a Bullpup Missile looks like up close? Well, this is the place to go.

The air base was to host an air show on this day, but a hastily drawn-up sign said it was cancelled. When I got home I read in the Times that the day before one of the planes in the show had crashed and someone had died.

From Point Mugu, I ride onto California's famous Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 1.This part of the highway is in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area. There is no commercial development that I can see and traffic is light to moderate. It's a nice place to ride.
Eventually I cross the county line and soon I am within the city limits of Malibu. I find it ironic that in Malibu very few people actually drive Chevies. Same goes for BelAir, come to think of it.

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