Dennis Doyle and Erich Sylvester at the
Celtic Winter's Eve
Performing Arts Center of Pacific GroveNovember, 2006

In the morning, we performed for 400 students at the Pacific Grove Middle School

That evening, we played for the community in a grand concert.

The Famous Celtic ukulele and Celtic Harp Combo.
The Wild Rose Band

Carleen Weirauch, vocalist

Janette Duncan, Duncan Mackintosh, and Carleen Weirauch
A Celtic Winter's Eve Wild Rose, Dennis Doyle and Erich Sylvester Celtic Duo, and others perform a concert of celtic music to help raise money for the Foundation for the performing Arts Center. A Pre-Concert dinner will also be offered prior to the event at Canterbury Woods.. $50/dinner and concert; $15/concert. Pacific Grove Performing Arts Center, 835 Forest Forest Ave.. 373-3304 or 648-0508

Dennis Doyle