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"Making the Grade" by Kurt Wiesenfeld, page 237
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
natatorium an indoor swimming pool The White House has a bowling alley and a natatorium.
tentative uncertain He made a few tentative steps before jumping off the diving board.
woe suffering He gave me a long tale of woe regarding why his homework wasn't done.
cynicism scorn for others, always critical (from the word for "dog") I don't want to be cynical, but the government makes me feel that way.
wheedling trying to persuade by coaxing or whining She wheedled her father until he let her buy the car.
intrinsically essentially, of its own nature While murder is intrinsically wrong, the act of killing, for example, for self-defense, may not be.
saturated filled, or in the case of a liquid, completely soaked The rags were saturated in gasoline.
lament an expression of grief or sorrow. We lament the loss of so many fine soldiers in the war in Iraq.
inept unskilled The new professor was obviously inept at teaching.
accreditation degrees, credentials, certificates which certify certain competencies Schools are required to get frequent accreditation in order to keep the power to grant degrees.

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