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"The Naked and the Nude" by Robert Graves, page 35
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
lexicographers dictionary writers, experts with words Lexicographers inspect the daily media for clues about new words.
construed interpreted The lawyer construed my innocent remarks into a terrible lie.
deficiency lack, not enough A vitamin deficiency lead to her illness due to bone loss.
Hippocratic Eye a scientific viewpoint (from the Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates) He gazed on her, not in a loving, but with a Hippocratic eye.
treasonable faithless, treacherous It is treasonable to provide money to your country's enemies.
dishabille partially undressed While the actors were in a state of dishabille, visitors were not permitted backstage.
rhetoric clever words The president's rhetoric on the tax cuts impressed some, but not all.
mock fake, or to make fun of.. Trial lawyers need to practice in mock trial before actually going before a court.
tread, trod to walk "Don't tread on me!" was the motto of the American colonies.
Gorgons in Greek mythology, a creature so ugly that people turned to stone who if seen.A gorgon stood at the entrance to the afterlife.

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