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"Should a Man be Put in Jail for What He's Thinking?" by Leonard Pitts, Jr.,

page 244
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
repugnant shocking, too bad to look at After 6 days, the repugnant corpse started to liquify.
cavalier overconfident Don't be cavalier about your ability to win the election.
odious detestable, hated and hateful His opinions on sexual morality are odious.
countenance in this story, to agree with, support, encourage She would not countenance the mention of Michael Jackson's name in the house.
abhorrent offensive His abhorrent remarks about homosexuals lead to his firing from the television show.
induced persuaded Mike induced his mother to supply some money for the lift tickets.
paradox a seeming contradiction, the opposite of what one would expect It's a paradox, that the more we spend on the "war against drugs", the less successful the results.
constitutionally legally, in agreement with the Constitution Trial lawyers often wish to stretch the interpretation of constitutional protection for their clients.
dubious doubtful, questionable Dubious claims are made everyday in advertisements.
preordained certain, definite, as if the future has be determined by a higher power.It seemed almost preordained that the sons of George Bush would end up in politics.

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