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"The Catbird Seat" by James Thurber, page 57
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
cunning cleverness The cunning child stole the wallet.
fallible capable of making mistakes The most perfect computer network may still have problems due to fallible humans.
braying loud, harsh, as in a voice or sound Her braying voice set his teeth on edge.
profaned corrupted or spoiled The sale of alcohol on the grounds of the temple, profaned the temple.
appalled shocked, horrified The death of the family due to the accident was appalling.
peccadillos small faults Friends may forgive their friend's peccadillos.
baited aggravated His strong political opinions seemed to bait his enemies.
gibberish nonsense talk Foreign languages sounded like gibberish to him.
distraction in this story a great emotional disturbance She kept working despite the distracting trash-talk from the ex-husband.
blatant obvious The man was a blatant fool.
advent arrival The computer heralded the advent of a new information age.
attainments accomplishments The accomplishments of past presidential administrations must stand the test of time.
emboldened grow in bravery He eventually was emboldened to ask the beautiful girl out on a date.
wrought brought about The damage that the spy had wrought was incalculable.
cornices molding or decoration around the top of a building The cornices of the aging building had broken off in the last big earthquake.
ediface a large building This ancient ediface took slaves over a decade to build.
patronizing assuming a superior attitude It enraged him if anyone attempt to patronize him.
a "red herring" a confusing, purposeful distraction in an investigation Claims of ignorance of the regulation was a "red herring" which didn't fool the jury.
vestibule entry hall She would hang her coat in the vestibule before coming into the living room.
report in this story the sound of a firing gun The report of the gun startled the people in the bank.
andirons metal supports that hold up logs in a fireplace The rusted andirons needed to be replaced.
ornate highly decorated The ornate cornices tended to break off during earthquakes.
grimace a facial expression of disgust She made a grimace when she tasted the badly mixed drink.
elated in high spirits My son was elated when he found out that he made the team.
persecution complex feeling that one is being singled out for unjust treatment Her persecution complex lead her to believe that the entire office was against her.
delusion a false belief Delusional thinking lead to his attempt to search for UFO's.
a lay (person) not a professional person in a particular field In the Catholic Church, a lay person may not lead the Mass.
to be "called on the carpet" sharply criticized His boss called him on the carpet for his frequent absences.
phenomenon unusual occurrence She was quite a phenomenal golfer when still in high school.
catapult to fly or move quickly He catapulted out of the classroom when the bell rang.
in the catbird seat in a good position When he got the job, he felt he was in the catbird seat.
tearing up the pea patch causing trouble Are you tearing up the pea patch?
scraping around the bottom of the pickle barrel looking carefully for spare resources We had to scrape around the bottom of the pickle barrel to find new recruits for the armed forces.

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