Review this Vocabulary

"Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan.,

page 227
Review these words for the next test.
evoke call forth A beautiful song can evoke deep emotions.
intimacy closeness Their frequent meetings lead to intimacy.
vivid lively Her vivid imagination was an asset in her art career.
wince to react with discomfort, evident in a facial expression She winced when the needle went into her arm.
empirical evidence proof gathered from one's observations There was empirical evidence that showed that he couldn't have killed the man.
portfolio a flat carrying case, also the things that might
go into the case like photographs, art or stock
Her stock portfolio took some losses with the bankruptcy of Enron.
impeccable flawless, without mistakeHer work was impeccable.
benign in medicine: noncancerous, also, anything good The tumor turned out to be only a benign cyst.
linguists specialists in language study Degrees in lingustics were needed to teach English as a Second Language.
freelancer someone self-employedShe worked as a freelance writer until she got a job as an adjunct professor.