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Students Participate in Theatre Festival
Baseball- Vaqueros Step Up to the Plate
School Spirit Remains a Myth

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The Glendale College Theatre Department spent last week attending the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (ACTF) at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona.
The Theatre Arts Department was shut down while the festival was in progress. Teachers from the department attended the festival this year, as well as 27 students. Since 1981, the department has attended the festival, which was held in Glendale last year. The festival is six days long, with an additional travel day.
The festival is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, not only in the field of acting, but also in lighting, costumes, and sound design. During the week-long festival, there were many things taking place.
The department joined other theatre departments in performing plays, attending workshops, and competing for awards. Students from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah will be included in the festival.
The students competed in group play and individual performances.
The Irene Ryan Acting competition gave the students five minutes to perform two short scenes. One of these scenes must be completed with a partner. The main reason for having the partner is to see how the performer can work with another character onstage.
The Design Award Competition gave students five minutes to show, through a drawing or speech, how they would do the set design, the lighting, costumes, and sound for a certain play.
The tech. students also had a chance to win the Katie Drain Lawson Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students who have shown promise in design.
Students also tried to win the National Critics Institute award. One student from each of the eight regions will be a finalist for this award. From this group of students, the Institute chooses a winner, who will have the opportunity to attend a playwriting conference. At this conference the winner will work with some top news and magazine critics.
Students attended workshops run by people well-known in their field. Results will be posted here in the next CyberVaq.
­Shelli Winslow

This weekend the Glendale Community College Baseball team will travel to Oxnard College for a two-day tournament to test its might against four other regional teams.
After a couple of tournaments and regular games, the Vaqs are showing a great deal of potential and improvement from last season.
Last weekend the team participated at the Mt. SAC tournament and left winning two games against Imperial Valley and losing once to Mt. SAC and Victorville.
Other recent action has included a 4-3 win against El Camino College and a strong 7-1 victory over Pasadena City College.
Coach Andy Nieto believes that this weekend¹s tournament will give the Vaqs a reasonable challenege.
³This will be to date the strongest tournament we have played so far,² said Nieto.
In baseball, as in most sports, there tends to be a few players that stick out from the rest and lead the team. But Nieto says that is not necessarily the case this season.
³I think that the most consistent part of our team is our pitching,² said Nieto. ³Our defense is getting better. However, offensively a different couple of guys every game have stepped up for the team. We¹re hoping that a couple of sophomores will step up and have the team lead by example.²
When asked about the strength of the teams at the upcoming Oxnard tourney, Nieto said that the strongest oppositon will be the Vaqs themselves.
³I think this team controls its own destiny,² said Nieto. ³I¹m not really concerned with who the opponent is. I¹m concerned with not letting the game beat us. If we don¹t beat ourselves then I¹m confident that we can beat anybody.²
Nieto further commented that he feels the team has no deficiency in morale and the Vaqs as a whole are more together this season than in seasons past.
Freshman starting pitcher Jared Sandler feels that the team is off to a good start, but feels there is also a lot of room to grow.
³I think we¹re just long and need to mature a little bit but the more games we play the more we¹ll grow together as a team,² said Sandler.
This season marks the first season for Nieto, replacing Steve Coots.
According to returning pitcher Garrett, who had 14 strikeouts recently at one of the games in the Mt. SAC tourney, Nieto¹s leaderhip ability is very much like Coots, although there are differences in game strategy.
³As far as game play goes, Coach Nieto likes to concentrate on the small game while Coach Coots in the past had geared his strategy toward the team¹s power hitters,² said Lee.
­Brian Schwartz


"C'mon, Vaqueros, rebound, Vaqueros, play tough defense," these are words not often heard in the gym or on the fields when a Glendale Community College team is playing in a game, participating in a match, or even running a race.
Sure the participants hear the sound of their loved ones yelling for them to play better, but usually they never hear the sound of GCC students cheering them on, because the school spirit here downright SUCKS!
The athletes are participating in athletics because of their love for the game or for the chance of getting a college scholarship. Just because they are doing this for themselves doesn't mean they do not want people to cheer them on to victory. They are also participating and playing hard to make a good name for the school, you, the students attend. They believe that carrying the school name on their uniforms is something special. Maybe the teams at GCC don't always have the greatest records, but that doesn't mean they do not need support from fans.
When students are at the games to cheer on the Vaqs, the teams start running harder and shooting better, and they play with more energy.
We have cheerleaders at the school who are trying to enthuse the fans, but Glendale students who attend the games just make fun of them. If you don't like how they cheer, then get off your behinds and try out when tryout day comes along. They spend their spare time preparing for the games by choreographing new dance routines and making new cheers. If you don't like them, tough ­ at least they have some school spirit. When they stand up and cheer at the games the students need to get up and scream with them.
Students, start coming to the games and support your Vaq teams or keep your mouth shut about the teams' records, because you have no room to complain if you can't take two hours of your week to quit being couch potatoes and cheer on GCC.
­Shelli Winslow

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