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Posted April 11, 1995


compiled by Rick Wood



ASB Applications Due

S.I.P.S. to Give $21K

Pilgreen Wins Board Seat Despite Withdrawal

And Now, A Public Message...

Budget to be Voted on This Week


Glendale College Presents "The Tempest"

CD Reviews in Off-Line Vaq


Turner Sets New School Record in Track & Field

Vaqs Tear up Riverside Invitational

Column of the Week



GCC is looking for a few good women and men to run for Associated Student Body offices. If you're interested, you can obtain an application in CC 109 from April 24-28. And remember, if you want to be president, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, be enrolled in 12 units, and have completed 30 units by the beginning of next fall.


The Student Initiated Project Support (S.I.P.S.) program is currently taking applications to fund projects for college activities.

Last semester, S.I.P.S. funded projects like extended library hours, maps for the English as a Second Language programs, and the current Model United Nations. The Associated Student Body (ASB) has allocated $21,000 for spring S.I.P.S. programs.

The ASB is currently going over the applications submitted and will decide on the fate of most of them during their next meeting on April 18. This year has been a record for S.I.P.S. application submissions, as more than 25 applications have been already turned in and more are expected. According to Alex Davtian, ASB treasurer, "I expect at least 10 more applications by the end of the semester."

-Robert Ossio


With a difference of 19 votes between Martin Pilgreen and Victor King, the Board of Trustees election results have been held at mid-swing and are being recounted now.

Pilgreen dropped out of the race a month ago due to his wife's illness; however, his name still appeared on the ballot on April 4, the day of the election.

Pilgreen took second place in the election with 5,137 votes, while King picked up 5,118 votes.

The minimal amount of votes favoring Pilgreen allowed King to recall the votes.

Robert K. Holmes' run for re-election was victorious. He received first place with 7,761 votes.

-Cindy Arora


By order of the San Francisco Superior Court, community colleges and all other public post-secondary institutions have been prohibited from taking action to implement or enforce Sections 8 and 9 of Proposition 187, an initiative passed by the electorate on November 8, 1994. Pending further court orders, this college (GCC) will take no action to prohibit the admission, enrollment or attendance of any person who isn't a United States citizen or any person who isn't otherwise authorized by federal law to be present in the United States.

Students and applicants will not be prohibited from attending or continuing their enrollment based on the provisions of Sections 8 and 9 of Proposition 187. In addition, this college will take no action to determine the legal status of enrollees, as such status relates to the implementation and enforcement of Proposition 187. Students and applicants will be asked to verify their immigration status for the sole purpose of determining their residency status for tuition purposes. No information regarding any student or applicant will be transmitted to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, directly or indirectly, pursuant to Sections 8 and 9 of Proposition 187.


The line-item budget will be voted upon at this week's Associated Student Body (ASB) meeting.

The budget, which outlines the way the money will be spent for the semester, is currently being put together.

The money given to the departments is used as they see fit; for example, money given to a sport team is usually used to feed the players and to pay for officials.

According to Davtian, the budget is hard to put together "because everyone needs money, especially in this day and age.

"Luckily, this year the budget is very organized," said Davtian.

-Robert Ossio


The Glendale Community College Theatre Arts Department will be presenting Shakespeare's "The Tempest." The performance began Thursday, April 6, at 8 p.m. and will continue for three weeks. The next show will be tonight at 8 p.m. on the main stage of the auditorium on campus and will be followed by a Saturday performance at the same time, then a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. The schedule remains the same for the duration.

"The Tempest" is the tale of Prospero (portrayed by guest artist Emmett Jacobs), an exiled duke and magician who, with his daughter Miranda (played by Cindy Petrisky, GCC student and vice president of the Theatre Guild), are joined by the survivors of a shipwreck during a storm on an enchanted island. Among the survivors are Prospero's brother, Antonio (played by Michael Klaric in his first performance at GCC), and Alonso, the King of Naples (Arman Ahangarzadeh).

-John Lyon


The release of new albums has forced the El Vaquero to write music reviews once again. Chris Camargo liked P.J. Harvey's "To Bring You My Love" a whole bunch, and Hugh-John Fleming enjoyed The Caulfields' "Whirligig" and face to face's "Big Choice." For the full reviews, see the hard copy of the April 7 El Vaquero.


The Glendale College men's track and field team competed in its third consecutive invitational last Saturday as the Vaqueros traveled to U.C. Riverside for the Riverside Invitational, where two-year and four-year schools, as well as a few sponsored athletic clubs, participated.

At the end of the meet, the Vaqs came up with superb individual performances.

Isaac Turner set a new 800-meter school record for the second time in three weeks with a time of 1 minute, 49.93 seconds, coming out second in the event. His previous record was 1:50.55, set two weeks ago at the Bakersfield Invitational.

Long-distance runner Jacques Sallberg also had an exceptional day. He came out third in the 1500-meter with a time of 4:05, and fourth in the steeplechase as he crossed the line in 9:34. These were both season bests for Sallberg.

-Wilson Solorzano


The Glendale College women's track and field team proved once again how good it is as the Vaqueros competed at the Riverside Invitational with other two-year schools, universities (Division I & II), and a few sponsored athletic clubs last Saturday at U.C. Riverside.

The Vaqueros ran well despite competing in an invitational for their third consecutive week.

Kimberly Madden stepped up and scored a season and personal best in the 1500-meter event with a 5-minute, 35.76-second mark performance. Long distance star Tanya Janet recorded a 18:36 personal best in the 5000-meter race.

-Wilson Solorzano

Column of the Week


It's spring again, I've got a headache, and the treehuggers are everywhere. They keep pestering me to ride a bike to school, to rummage through my trash and separate garbage from garbage, to talk to plants and tell them I love them...

You know the type. You might even be the type, in which case, stop reading now. You won't like this very much.

For the rest of you, the following is a little list of ideas - simple little things we all can do to destroy the environment, but good!

1. Rig your toilet to flush continuously. I promise you'll never have to clean it again.

2. Use a box of Pampers to dry off after a shower. I know it sounds a little weird at first, but trust me, after one week, your skin will feel as soft and dry as a baby's tush.

3. Instead of boiling water in a kettle for tea, or something, just let the hot water tap run until it starts steaming. It's faster than boiling, and the water is never too hot to drink.

4. Use as many disposable items as possible in your day-to-day life. Nothing should ever have to be used more than once. Nothing.

5. Simplify your recycling process - one bin marked "TRASH."

6. Drive an old beat-up car with no muffler and no catalytic converter (the thing that re-combustifies exhaust). I swear, your Studebaker will look like a forest fire and sound like a Harley.

7. Don't waste time pouring used motor oil into storm-drains. Just toss it into a nearby bush. Or spill it around a tree, or something.

8. The beach can be your ashtray! Shoreline smoking is fun and safe, especially when you can just toss your butts any old place and not worry about burning your couch.

9. Defrost your freezer with an icepick. It's fun and fast, and if you do happen to puncture the freezer wall and catch a lungful of freon, you'll get as high as a kite for about two minutes.

10. Drive your car to your neighbor's place. It gives them a chance to see you're coming, and everyone likes showing off their car anyway.

11. Use a charcoal bar-b-que to reheat your leftovers. It gives everything that outdoorsy taste.

-John Lyon

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