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EL VAQUERO, Cyberspace Edition

Posted April 18, 1995


compiled by Rick Wood



Pilgreen Remains Victor in Trustees Race

Dolbee Fights for Reinstatement


Shakespeare's "The Tempest" Washes Ashore

"Star Trek" Magazine: Captain Pike Would Say "Booop"


Replacement Players Good for Something

Women`s Vaq Track Falls Behind at Santa Monica

Column of the Week

My New Job


Martin Pilgreen`s victory in the Board of Trustees election April 4 was upheld Monday, April 17, in a recount of the votes.

Although Pilgreen dropped out of the race a few weeks before the election due to a family illness, his name remained on the ballot.

Victor King had called for a recount of the ballots due to Pilgreen's small margin of victory. After a preliminary recount last Thursday afternoon, Pilgreen's lead was reduced to a four-vote differential.

This difference held, confirming Pilgreen`s victory.

The cost of the recount was split by the two candidates.

--Cindy Arora


Glendale College`s Associated Student Body (ASB) Sophomore Class President David Dolbee is fighting allegations that he acted irresponsibly in his alleged assistance of what is being called the "spy work" of then-trustee candidate Mike Smith during spring break.

Dolbee was terminated March 30 from his position as safety cadet at GCC for asking permission from officer-in-charge Nidal Kobaissi to unlock closed rooms on campus for Smith on March 21, according to Larry Serot, vice president of administrative services.

"I want to clear my name, said Dolbee, "and once I (do so) I expect to be reinstated."

A meeting was held last Monday, April 17, between Dolbee and Dean of Human Resources Don Averill. Dolbee hoped that Averill would be able to schedule a hearing to give him the chance to openly dispute the fairness of his termination.

"I`ll have to keep climbing the ladder (of GCC authority) until this gets resolved," said Dolbee.

--John Lyon


The Glendale College Theatre Arts Department s presenting William Shakespeare's "The Tempest," a dramatic comedy about a group of nobles stranded on an enchanted island by a mysterious storm. Unknown to the nobles, Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, is plotting against them through the magic of Ariel, an island spirit.

The play has a student cast, with the exception of Emmet Jacobs, who was hired to play Prospero. For the most part, the performance is a solid one.

Cindy Petrisky, Johnny Castineiras, Lance O'Connor, Steven Gonzalez, and Kevin Blackley all performed well.

Despite its high points, however, the production had a few flaws. One of these flaws came in the shape of hired actor Jacobs, whose performance seemed extremely rushed.

The technical production was, in my opinion, better than usual. Hats off to set designer Fredrick Agnew for an outstanding job.

GCC's Mainstage Theater was beautifully transformed into Shakespeare`s enchanted, spirit-filled island.

More congratulations go out to the costume designers; particularly to Angela Dawn Alders for Caliban's head piece. Caliban's makeup was equally impressive.

Without hesitation, I recommend GCC's production of "The Tempest" to anyone who has the gumption for it.

--Kris Laca


Trekkies and Trekkers, rejoice! TV Guide has come out with a collector's edition "Star Trek" magazine called what else? "Star Trek."

But don't think for a minute that this is a magazine full of trivia questions and answers. What you will find is not only the actors who made the series great, but also you'll get to meet the people that make the show happen.

In interviews, we get to know executives Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor.

There are also articles about Kate Mulgrew, the famous women of "Star Trek," the letter-writing campaign that prevented the cancellation of the show, features about the private lives of Trek actors, the clothes of the various shows, and the cosmetics backstage that make normal people into all those impressive aliens.

The magazine finishes with a flashback to all the articles that TV Guide has written on the series, including the 1966 fall preview of the original "Star Trek." Was it given high marks? You'll have to read the magazine to find out.

Overall this is a great magazine and a keeper for any "Star Trek" fan. It's only $3.95, and you even get a gigantic VOYAGER poster.

I give the mag an A+.

--Robert Ossio


Despite a shortage of athletes, the Glendale Community College men`s track and field team managed to come out in second place last Friday at Santa Monica City College in a tri-meet with Santa Monica College and Moorpark College.

The Vaqueros accumulated a total of 45 points, behind Moorpark's 95.5 and ahead of Santa Monica's 41.5.

Due to illness, Vaquero key runners Isaac Turner, Jacques Sallberg, Eduardo Macias, and Jos Arias missed the meet. With the absence of these leading runners, the rest of the Vaqueros stepped up and put up a decent performance, according to assistant coach Eddie Lopez.

"We did pretty well," he said. "I was pleased."

Putting this performance and the rest of the season behind, Lopez believes the team needs to prepare for the upcoming meets.

"We're getting ready for the conference (preliminaries)," he said. "It's important because if you don't qualify for the prelims, your season is done. Each meet is very important for us from now on."

--Wilson Solorzano


After three consecutive exceptional performances, the Glendale Community College women's track and field team took a hard hit at Santa Monica City College last Friday as the Vaqueros finished last in a tri-meet with Santa Monica College and Moorpark College.

The Vaqs accumulated a team total of 31 points. Moorpark College won the meet with 68 points, only one ahead of second-place Santa Monica's 67.

"The team was kind of tired," said coach Jon Gold. "Competing (in the three consecutive invitationals) was fun, but it got the girls tired."

Despite the team`s not-so-impressive performance, Gold was pleased with some individual performances, by Tanya Janet, last year`s cross-country team captain Anna Hernandez, Lisa Sartoris, Teena Ung, and Melinda Frey.

Although things didn't work out GCC's way, Gold remains optimistic. He admitted the competition was tough and that the Vaqs didn't perform at their best.

"They are the toughest teams in the Western State Conference," Gold said. "So we knew it was going to be a tough meet."

"(But The Vaqs) are starting to pick it up," he said. "By the time of the conference preliminaries, they will be at their peak."

--Wilson Solorzano

Column of the Week


I need money.

With this in mind, I`ve been thinking about getting another job. Something that would challenge me, yet not drain the very living soul from my body.

So I`ve decided to go into dream interpretation.

There may be a few reservations out there because of my lack of experience. Well, to all you nonbelievers out there, I give you the biggest, wettest raspberry of all time.

And if that doesn't convince you, here are some samples of my interpretation wizardry.

If you dream about falling: You probably had bad hair as a teen, and are feeling the downward spiral of your social life even today. You may also have been a flightless bird in a past life.

If you dream about a wedding: You have severe mental instabilities, and are probably an idealist. Of course, if you see yourself getting married, you will soon find a dead turtle in your driveway.

If you dream about dolphins: There is an extreme possibility that you have latent urges to rollerblade naked through Disneyland. However, if these urges are not so latent, you fear your taste in clothing drives people to become Republicans.

If you dream about fliying: Obviously, you have strong emotional ties to your stuffed animal, named "Doodles." If you no longer own this plush toy, find it quickly. If you do not, you will find yourself picking off high-school sophomores with a sawed-off shotgun.

If you dream you are walking around in your underwear: I would suggest you stop experimenting with those household cleaners.

If you dream other people are walking around in your underwear: Stop watching those cable movies, they're rotting your brain.

If you dream about your lover: You will soon be visited by a tall, handsome man who will prove to you the path to true salvation can be found within an After Dark screensaver. You also have latent desires to dance the funky chicken nude at your friend's wedding reception.

If you dream about your teeth falling out: You definitely need to stay out of the Drano. Stop sniffing the glue as well.

If you dream you are looking for ghosts in a haunted house: Lay off those late-night binges of illegal substances.

If you dream about your dog: You secretly wish to join the Barney Fan Club. Sicko.

If you dream about large, green gorillas mowing your lawn: You need to seek help for that repression problem you've been having. Perhaps a few less slices of pizza before you go to bed would also be in order.

If you dream about water: You will have to pee when you wake up.

If you dream about someone other than your lover: You are unsure of your current choice. I understand and sympathize with you on this one. Pepsi is a lot sweeter than Coke.

If you dream about people with four tongues and eight legs: You are an average, everyday person who really needs to lay off the horror movies.

If you dream about insects: There is a severe problem with your family life. Your youngest brother has a strong resemblance to the Tasmanian Devil, and your sister is always on the phone.

If you dream about someone dying: You have some serious problems with the alphabet. You also believe Big Bird molested you as a child.

These are just a few of the dreams I've analyzed. If you think I have misinterpreted any of these dreams, well, you can take your opinion and stick it. I don't have time to deal with nonbelievers.

Besides, you probably dream about your dog, and have actually acted on your sick, twisted Barney thing.

You lick.

--Kris Laca


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