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E L V A Q U E R O, c y b e r s p a c e edition

Posted May 9, 1995


compiled by Rick Wood



Many ASB Candidates Run Unopposed in this Week`s Elections

Child Development Center Receives Recognition

Disabled Awareness Week Race Teaches Empathy to Able-Bodied

High-School Students Visit GCC for Career Day


Vaqs Take a Step Toward State Championships

Athletic Department to Add Women's Soccer in `96

Vaquero Tennis Saves Best Competition for Last

GCC Continues State Championship Ride

Men`s Tennis Leaves with Improved Record

Column of the Week

To Whom It May (Or May Not) Concern:


Only three out of the 15 open seats for Associated Student Body (ASB) Legislature Elections have candidates running opposed. Elections will be held May 9-10.

Running for the position of Glendale College`s ASB president is Jeremy Gump, with no opposing candidate.

Alex Davtian is running unopposed for vice president. The seat of the secretary is being campaigned for by Nayree Krikorian and Bryan Ramos, and Hazel Ramos is running for treasurer with no opposing candidate.

Candidates without a challenger will win or lose based on the number of votes they receive on their ticket ballot and the number of votes opposing them.

Voting for candidates began at noon Tuesday, will be held until 3 p.m., and resumes at 5:30 p.m., continuing until 9 p.m.

On Wednesday, May 10, elections will be held from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and also at 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Election results will be posted outside Campus Center 109 by noon on Thursday, May 11, 1995.

--Cindy Arora


The Glendale College Child Development Center (CDC) was recently named Best Center of the Year by the Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children.

Similar centers throughout the region had nominated the CDC for recognition. The decision was made on the basis of quality, leadership, and level of community service.

The CDC serves as a laboratory for students majoring in child development at GCC. More than 300 students receive lectures and instruction at the center, where theories about the treatment, instruction, and care of young children are taught.

The CDC also provides child care for the children of faculty, staff, students, and others in the community.

"I believe that this award further confirms the quality of and the necessity for the center," said Manzano-Larsen. "The center is well-received by the community and is a great asset to Glendale College."

The regional association that presented the award is part of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Manzano-Larsen said that she is unsure whether the regional award is the first step to national recognition or if it is only given on a regional level.

--Brian Schwartz


Disabled Student Services (DSS) attempted to give Glendale College students a lesson in understanding Wednesday, May 3, creating an "empathy experience" as part of Disabled Awareness Week.

Under the hot afternoon sun, in front of the bookstore patio, able-bodied students raced through an obstacle course in wheelchairs, competing for a $20 gift certificate to Wherehouse Entertainment.

The winner was Albert Alvarez, who said afterwards that the race was much more difficult than he expected it to be. "It`s pretty hard," he said. "It works on your arms."

The event was organized by students, according to Joy Cook, DSS acting associate dean.

--John Lyon


An estimated 200-plus high-school students from several different campuses toured Glendale College during the sixth annual Career Day Tuesday, said event coordinator Judith Apablaza of the Career Center.

For the visiting students, career day was an opportunity to see what the campus has to offer.

Career day was also described by Apablaza as a chance for GCC students to get help finding a major.

Some of the busier information booths were those for business and computer sciences.

"(Students) are realizing that no matter what (career they decide on), they're going to need to know about computers," said GCC instructor Bret Miketta, who manned a booth in the morning.

--John Lyon


The Glendale College men's track and field team placed fourth in the Western State Conference (WSC) Championships last Saturday at Santa Barbara City College.

In the 400-meter event, Isaac Turner placed first with a mark of 48.6 seconds, the second-fastest time in California currently, according to head coach Tom McMurray.

The 1,600-meter relay team placed first with a mark of 3:20.09 minutes. Runners included Frank Vega, David Quintero, Adrian Baca, and Turner.

In the 1,500 meter race, Jacques Sallberg placed first with a mark of 15:40.83. "He has the fastest time in the state right now," said McMurray.

If the team continues to do well, it will travel to the state championships.

--Marcela Pinzon


Women who enjoy playing soccer but do not have a team to play for now have the opportunity to play at Glendale College. If interested, they are encouraged to contact Women`s Athletic Director Terry Coblentz at (818) 240-1000 Ext. 5644 by May 19.

GCC will be offering a soccer class for women next semester and the spring of '96, and will start competing in the Western State Conference in the fall of 1996.

GCC is also looking for a coach with at least a B.A., but preferably with an M.A., to teach the class and to coach the team when competition begins.

--Wilson Solorzano


The Ojai Tournament was an appropriate site for the Glendale College women's tennis team to kiss the regular season goodbye.

This was the place where the Vaqueros were competing among athletes from many community colleges from Southern California as well as athletes from across the nation - last weekend at Ventura College.

Marites De Los Reyes, GCC`s main weapon, defeated a representative of Citrus College fairly easy 6-1, 6-0 in the opening round. In the next round, she lost 6-0, 6-0 to Debbie Vionusa.

Christy Pham, the Vaqs` number two player, lost 6-4, 6-3 to Nicole Abusaid of Irvine Valley College.

In the doubles, the team of De Los Reyes/Pham GCC defeated Bautista/Ito of Monterey Peninsula College 6-0, 6-1.

De Los Reyes and Pham went on to lose in the second round to sisters Carmela and Tina Parelli of Mt. San Jacinto College 6-3, 5-7, 6-2.

--Wilson Solorzano


The Glendale Community College women's track and field team placed sixth in the Western State Conference (WSC) Championships last Saturday at Santa Barbara City College.

With this performance, the Vaqueros qualified for the Southern California Preliminaries, which will take place tomorrow at Cerritos College.

The Vaqueros had seven individual qualifiers, and both the 400-meter and the 1600-meter relay teams qualified.

In the 400-meter race, Lisa Sartoris placed fifth overall with a mark of 60.9 seconds.

Tanya Janet came in fourth in the 1,500-meter in 4 minutes, 58.66 seconds. Teammate Anna Hernandez, who also competed in the 1500-meter race, came in fifth with a personal best 5:01.78 performance.

In the 3,000 meters, Janet placed second with a mark of 11:05.87 to lead the Vaqs, while Hernandez had an automatic-qualifying time in the 5,000-meter race.

Anika Edmondson was the lone qualifier in the field events, throwing a personal record in discus, 112 feet.

After tomorrow's meet, the Vaqs will have only three more competitions.

--Marcela Pinzon


The Glendale College men`s tennis team finished their season last Saturday at the Ojai Tournament, where six Vaqueros competed against other community colleges from Southern California and athletes from all over the country.

The season rolled to an end in what was, overall, an improved season for the team.

Although the overall record wasn't the best in Glendale College history, the team was able to to finish the regular season with 4 wins and 7 loses.

Players Ricky De La Cruz, Raffi Asadourian, Richard Silvero, and Noubar Asadourian played very well and never gave up, said head coach Bob Donaghy.

Andy Greenleaf and Justin Drum, who participated in yesterday's southern California tournament, were the backbone of the team, according to Donaghy.

--Robert Ossio



OK, so all my friends are taking off for better pastures. No, they`re not cows, they're transferring.

Guys, you`re all miserable swine.

You go off to San Diego and all those other San whatevers and leave me here to rot in this city, which has all the flavor of an unsalted cracker.

I guess by now you`ve realized I will not be transferring this semester. I know sad and pathetic, isn`t it?

Shut up, no one asked you.

But since we're all in the same boat, I`ve decided to make life a little easier for all of you. Yes, I`ve put together a little thing I like to call a letter.

You can print this out, circle the appropriate wording, and send it out to your friends at the "real schools." Talk about convenience; you can even do this in the car on the way to school. Maybe I should get this thing out on the market.


Dear Friend,

How are you? Well things are (cool, messed up, radioactive) back here in Glendale. My (boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend) really made me (mad, yell, want to run through a snowstorm naked) this week, but, aside from that, things are OK.

So how`s school? I hope that (essay, test, rash) turned out all right. Speaking of (essays, tests, rashes) how`s that (teacher, tutor, casual aquaintance) you wrote me about last week? Well, I'm sure you'll pull through it all right.

Well, things are pretty slow here, but what's new about that? My (boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend) just got (his, her) (hair cut, grade report, carpet cleaned). (He, She) is really excited about it. I`ve had another (X-acto knife accident, bad hair day, problem with your check), but I'm sure I'll come through it all. Do you remember that person from our high-school (Math, English, folk-dancing) class? Well, last week (he, she) was (in the mall, talking to me again, nowhere to be found).

So how's your (love, social, sex) life? Wow, that (good, bad, non-existent)?

Don't worry, things always get (better, worse).

My (friend, nemesis) is visiting from school, and I have had little time for (writing letters, calling my friends who have transferred, anything). (He, She) has been here (for a while, for a few days, far too long). If there's anything I can't stand it`s (people who don't know when to leave, my friend, my nemesis).

I`ve been thinking (. , about visiting you). Maybe I'll see you sometime soon.

I`ve got to go now, there's a (pot boiling over, test I have to study for, Jehovah's Witness at my door). Write back soon...

Your friend


All you need to do now is print this puppy out, shove it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and throw it at the mail carrier as you rush to your next class.

I hope all your friends appreciate the time and energy it took to fill this letter out.

If they don`t, they're licks.

--Kris Laca


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