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GCC Gets New VP of Educational Services


Alumnus Follows Dreams to the Silver Screen


New Season Kicked in Right Direction


Sentenced to Probation


Cyberslut Speaks


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Christopher McCarthy will become the new Executive Vice President of Educational Studies beginning October 1.

Since the retirement of Art Rasmuson the office has been under the control of President/superintendent John Davitt.

McCarthy comes to GCC from Harbor College where he served for 16 years, as an English teacher and lately as Dean of Academic Affairs.

According to McCarthy he is not the usual administrator who sits behind a desk, nor does he like to live up to the image, ³I like to walk around campus and socialize with the students... and if it gets to hot I roll up my sleeves and undo my tie.²

He added that he is a hands on person and that his office is open to all students. ³I need student input to know what their needs are.²

When asked about education McCarthy said, ³education is always changing and we as administrators, we have to see what works, what needs change, and how to make them.²

He then added that, ³this way we can improve and help the students get the best GCC has to offer.
² ­Robert Ossio


A Calculus class hardly seems a likely launchpad for a film career, but for Albert Kodagolian, Glendale Community College alumnus, it was while he was in the midst of functions and sin waves that he heard his calling to film production.

³I was in my Calculus class and my friend told me he was going to work as an extra that weekend. I asked him what that was and he told me, you just pay $40 to this casting company, and you go work in the background in the movies,² Kodaglian remembers. ³So I called the casting company, and my first call I got was a film with Ben Stiller and Joan Collins. Watching the whole process is what made up my mind 100 percent. Kodaglian began taking film classes at GCC, then went on to USC, where he met Robert Hicks. Together the two began work on ³The Glass Chain,² their first feature to be released Sept. 29 at the Alex Theater here in Glendale. ³It (the movie) was shot in true 'El Mariachi¹ style,² comments Kodaglian. ³We were just eager to get the production out. We didn¹t really try to get any big names, we went with stage actors.²

When asked about future projects, Kodaglian mentions his desire to expose the public to the experience of being in a foreign place. ³I want to tell my story,² he says.

To those students who wish to one day work in film, Kodaglian says, ³Just follow your dreams. If you do that, and don¹t give up, you will eventually accomplish your goals.
­Robert Ossio


Soccer fever has come back to Glendale Community College as the Vaqueros defeated the host Mt. San Antonio College Mounties two goals to one last Tuesday afternoon.

Playing in only the third game of the season, head coach Joe Agoston¹s game plan was simple. He wanted his team to play a low pressure game, help each other, and be smart on the field.

The Vaqs decided to take care of business early in the contest as they opened up the score six minutes into the game on a goal by Eliseo Velasco. It all started on a fast break initiated by defender Rene Velado through the right side. After a combination of passes, the ball got to Velasco in the middle, and he wasted no time in sending it past the Mountie goalie for the 1-0 Vaq lead.

Seven minutes later, the Vaqueros took a 2-0 lead as forward Joe Paneno headed a ball into the Mountie net. In yet another Vaq attack though the right side, Melvin Hernandez sent a ball to Vrezh Shakhbandaryan, who smartly put it on the middle where Paneno was running to. Paneno then dived and headed the shot though the net.

Perhaps, that lead affected the GCC players as they seemed to start getting too comfortable. As a result, Mt. SAC cut the lead to 2-1 within the next minute.

The score came when GCC goalie Jose Castaneda tripped a Mt. SAC player inside the penalty area as he dived in an attempt to stop a shot. The referee believed it was intentional, called the foul and warned Castaneda with a yellow card.

Strong goal-keeping by Castaneda was a strong factor in the game. Castaneda denied the Mounties of numerous clear scoring chances.

The Vaqs (3-0-1) had previously tied Citrus College 1-1 and defeated Southern Mountain College (AZ) 2-1 to remain one of the strongest teams in the Western State Conference.

Despite the win, the Vaqs were not satisfied with the way they played. Coach Agoston believes his team still needs to improve.

³We have potential but we¹re not consistent yet,² Agoston said. ³We do some brilliant things and then we make some terrible fundamental mistakes. I¹m happy that we won but you¹ve got to look at your opponent. (Mt.SAC) is not a great power house.²

Said Velado, ³We struggled today. We are very skillful but as a team, we still need to do a lot of work.²
­Wilson Solorzano


A small portion of the A.S.B. are on academic-progress probation. It seems as though that students of last semester were not studying as hard as some might have thought. Of the 14,000 students that enrolled here in Glendale Community College, about 16% of the students were put on academic-progress probation.

For those that don't know how academic-progress probation works, here is a breakdown: 1: your G.P.A. is less than a 2.0 or a "C" average and 2: you did not cover the amount of units that you registered for. Students already on academic-progress probation should have received a letter that has informed them about their academic status.

An unnamed source stated that probation is a hindrance and constant annoyance. He believes that probation is for children and because we are college students, we are responsible for our grades.

Probation seems to have affected in more ways than one the views of some of the students on campus. So the question has to be asked, Does probation hinder or help people? Of course, some people are going to give you different answers, but don't expect most of them to be happy about this probation thing.
­Davis Hong


I'm a cyber-slut.

I log on, I chat, I mess around in Flirt Rooms; I am a cyber-socialite. What's so wrong with that?

There are a number of people out there who think that cyber-sex, or even cyber-chat, is despicable.

Lighten up. It's just a high tech way to pass the time.

It's a way to air out your deepest, darkest fantasies without having to actually speak to or look at anyone else. Sure it's pointless, but if we condemned every pointless pastime, where would that put football? I guess most people are worried about others thinking they go on-line to engage in less than virtuous acts. But hey, you choose who you talk to on-line, and if you don't talk to them, more often than not, they won't talk to you.

Granted, there are a lot of pushy scumbags on-line, but if you steer clear of them, they rarely bother you.

And it's not like you have to answer them if you don't want to. There are cases when someone who seems like a "nice guy" turns out to be a total horndog with one thing on his mind. But those cases are few and far between in my experience.

Most people I've met on-line are really good chatting partners; they give me good conversation, something many of us lack on a daily basis here at GCC.

I couldn't care less if the person I'm chatting with has green skin and 25 fingers on their right hand. Even if they say they look like Keanu Reeves. As if anyone would believe something like that without even seeing the person.

Come on, would you believe it if someone told you something like that on the phone? I don't think so.

There is way too much faith put into truth on-line.

But, if some guy wants to look like the construction worker from a Pepsi ad, well, that's his fantasy; let him have it. It doesn't mean we have to believe it.

And if a woman wants to look like the Guess jeans chick, well, she should live out her fantasies if possible. But men who fall for her on-line should not be too upset when they finally meet, and she looks like the Snapple woman instead.

All this cyber-sex stuff is fantasy anyway. Any relationship that begins with the words "let's hit it" is a fantasy, not only in cyber-space, but in real time also.

I guess people just need something to rally against.

In this day and age of killer STDs and viruses, it's the safest sex you can have. Of course, it's not as good as the real thing, but it's better than chocolate.

Besides, aren't we all taking this stuff a little too seriously? If you don't like cyber-life, don't do it.

But leave the rest of us alone.
­Kris Laca

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