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Senate Votes on Financial Aid Cuts


Winning Streaks Ends For GCC Soccer


Fluff Softens Hard News


The Life of a Cyber-holic


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With two bills passed on Sept. 28, the anticipated national education cuts have begun and all schools, colleges and universities have been called to action.

Administrators and students have been informed of the bills which were passed with a vote of 8-7 by the Senate Labor and Human Resource committee.

One bill passed reduces the grace period on loans and interest from a 6 months to four. The second bill passed was a .85% tax on schools¹ loan volume.

Associated Student Body legislators are encouraging students from GCC to join the rally to save financial aid. Students who wish to join this campaign are enoucraged to pick up the phone and call a toll-free number which will allow them to collect updated information or connect with the U.S. Capitol switchboard.

Concerned students are also encouraged to tell their elected representatives why they oppose the cuts, and that they are writing in opposition to the cuts contained in the Labor, Health and Human Services Committee.
­Cindy Arora


Seven games into the season, the Glendale Community College soccer team had dominated every team that had stepped in its way. They had punished the opposition in every way.

The story would change on Tuesday¹s game against Cypress College, however. The Vaqs were a different team as the host Chargers routed them three goals to one.

Entering the game, Vaq coach Joe Agoston did not know exactly how the Chargers played but reminded his team to play the same way they had been playing.

³They sure know what we have,² Agoston said of the Chargers. ³They know were undefeated and want to be the ones to beat us so that they can say, 'yeah we beat Glendale (College).¹ Let¹s high pressure, let¹s communicate, and help each other.²

And beat the Vaqs is what Cypress had in mind as they came fired up onto the field.

After a poorly-played first half, the Vaqs headed into halftime trailing 1-0 and searching for new ways to improve their game.

³You are not high-pressuring,² Agoston told the team. ³These guys will not give you any space. They are pressuring and they¹re not giving you any time.²

One quarter into the concluding half, the Chargers took a 2-0 lead on a goal by Israel Cedillo. GCC closed the gap in the 25th minute, however, as Joe Paneno scored on a pass by Pedro Ortega, who was charging through the right side of the field.

Cypress went on to score one more goal within the next minute to ice the game, giving the Vaqueros (6-1-1) their first loss of the young season.

³We probably caught them on a bad day,² Cypress (3-3-0) head coach Tony Baca said of the Vaqs. ³They probably came in overconfident thinking that because they were undefeated, they were just gonna come and beat us. Things went different and we came out on top. They are a great team, no question about that.²

Agoston sees the loss as a learning experience. ³Maybe this will teach you a lesson,² he told the team afterward. ³Maybe all that hype of being undefeated was going into your head ... This is only preseason. We can still win the conference and make postseason play.²

³I think they wanted it more than we did,² said a frustrated Ortega. ³We were over confident. Hopefully we¹ll learn from our mistakes.²

Said goalie José Castañeda: ³All the goals were our mistakes. We didn¹t communicate and they took advantage of it.²

The Vaqs conclude the preseason on Sept. 29 with a home match against Golden West College. They have a week off before they start conference play at Santa Barbara City College.
­Wilson Solorzano


Since when is a Hollywood celebrity getting caught in the act with a hooker more newsworthy than nine people being seriously injured in a plane crash? How in the world can the Emmy Awards be a top story three nights in a row when children are being murdered in Highland Park? And haven¹t we all heard enough about this O.J. Simpson Trial? I mean come on, it¹s been nine months! Trial coverage does not deserve 10 minutes of a 22- minute news cast.

When I turn on the eleven o¹clock news I want to hear about what¹s going on around the Southland, the country and the world. The things I see on the news are events too, but really, think of all of the other stuff that¹s going on around the world: hunger, war, flooding, hurricaines, volcanos, things that can really affect the course of people¹s lives.

I¹m not going to lose sleep over the fact that ER didn¹t win the Emmy for best drama and my house won¹t be destroyed because Hugh Grant¹s girlfriend won¹t speak to him. I find it appalling that the media would subject us to this kind of trash, at least at the beginning of the newscast.

I will give some credit to the local news stations. When tragedy strikes, earthquakes, floods, fires, or the Oklahoma bombing, they are all on hand to give us up to date information and live footage. Their reports are comprehensive and thorough.

Why can¹t each evening newscast resemble the ³Special Reports² that occur in times of disaster. I realize that the newscast would be incredibly depressing if all of the stories dealt with tragedy. Soft news is important, it recaptures the viewers attention. Besides who wants to fall asleep watching story after story about death and destruction?

Yeah, sweet dreams.

This is my suggestion- save the gossip until the end. If the only reason people are watching is for this ³fluff², then they will stay tuned until the end of the broadcast. It might be a good way to guarantee ratings. And saving the fluff to the end will help us fall asleep thinking about beautiful movie stars.

The fact is, newspaper readership is declining. More people are getting their news from television. TV reports are not as long, thorough or detailed as printed reports are, so in that 30 minute broadcast, 22 after commercials, give us the important stuff. We can always go read ³Entertainment Weekly² to get the other stuff.

The only saving grace of TV journalism are the networks' nightly news cast and CNN. I have this to say to the others. You¹re giving yourselves a bad name. Stop wasting our time.
­Lela Meadow

Column of the Week


I need help.

<standing up> My name is Kris Laca, and I am a cyber-holic. I can see all of you already. Half of you are looking at the words above with utter confusion. The rest of you are nodding in agreement. Let¹s face it, guys. We have a problem.

If you are anything like me, you go home at night, throw a frozen dinner into the microwave (only cooking it halfway, every minute counts), then sit down at your computer to log on.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? I thought so.

As soon as you walk into the house, your computer beckons you. It sits there, all lonely and blank looking, just waiting for you to turn it on and hook into the rest of the world. At first you can resist. You watch a little television, maybe do a little homework. Then you get the itch. ³I just need to check my mail,² you tell yourself.

I like to start local, dialing up Rich Allen BBS first (818)839-7195 , it¹s one of my favorites. I check my mail, and try to leave right away. But more often than not, I run into a charming sysop ... Rich something or other, and there goes three hours. We can chat about anything from the latest features of the bbs to what he had for dinner. And if the conversatin is really good, I can get caught there all night. Not that I mind, he¹s a real charmer, a ten, if you will.

Then go straight to America Online, I do not pass go, and usually spend about $7 there. That¹s around two hours for the non-AOL users out there. Yes, I collect my mail, but I also do my share of chatting. The chat rooms on AOL are varied, and I mean that in the extreme. I love to talk, and there are plenty of people to talk to at AOL. You can imagine my bill.

By now you are probably wondering what is so attractive about sitting at a terminal for hours on end. Well, it¹s the people you meet. Many of them are loonies, but that¹s the way I like them. And, contrary to non-user belief, we do have ways of expressing certain aspects of conversation.

We can send roses to each other: @>--->--- We send each other kisses on the cheek: :-* We can even smile, :-) frown, :-( and stick our toungues out :-P.

If you can¹t see my little smiley faces, try looking at this page sideways, you¹ll get it sooner or later.

I like to include at least one rose with every e-mail I send. I am a modern woman.

Speaking of e-mail, the best place in the area to recieve and send out e-mail is LNX. It is Glendale¹s latest venture onto the information highway, and although there are a few bugs and it runs pretty slow, you can pick it up for free. And once you have it, you can stay there for free.

So now I can get my e-mail without having to sign on where I will be charged, and I can take as long as I want to compose it. My online friends are very happy about this, I can reply to then as often as I want.

Once I have finished my online jouney, since I am too tired to eat the dinner I nuked for myself when I came in, I go straight to bed.

It¹s not like passing out from drinking too much, but I feel the same the next morning. My eyes, which are usually bloodshot from lack of sleep, are beginning to develop those dark rings that keep getting bigger.

My mother thinks I am an alcoholic.

I know I can¹t be the only one out there with this particular affliction. I would be the only one on line if I were.

Maybe we should start a support group. No, I don¹t mean on line.
­Kris Laca

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