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Blood Drives Comes to Glendale College


Volleyball Vaqs Continue to Rebuild


The Happiest Man in GCC


A Letter to Governor Wilson


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This campus will be a little blood thirsty this week. The American Red Cross and its blood mobile will be setting up temporarily in the Administration Building¹s parking lot to collect student blood. No, it has nothing to do with Halloween and it¹s not because student blood is especially better; it¹s actually for a serious cause.

Facts collected by the American Red Cross state that more than 1,000 people in Los Angeles and Orange Counties use blood every single day. Nationwide, one person is in need of blood every 12 seconds, 20 percent of them being children and cancer patients. There are 150 hospitals in the two counties that need a constant supply of each blood type for all kinds of emergencies. With those facts in mind, some may wonder why only 3 to 4 percent of the population gets around to donating.

Why not collect a whole bunch and store it for those needy moments? Well, blood has to be fresh. Unlike a Twinkie, blood has a pretty short shelf-life. It can last anywhere from a few hours to 42 days. That explains why the Red Cross keeps coming back for more every semester. For those who feel the need for a some gratification after being poked in the arm, you may be pleased to know the pint you donate (the size of the carton of milk you bought in elementary school) may save up to four lives. Talk about small miracles.

But don¹t be misinformed. If you have the eight to ten short minutes it takes to donate, all you have to do is muster up a bit of courage and bring your healthy self over to the blood mobile between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Oct. 9, 10, or 11. You can bring your friends or even your teddy bear, along with an ID and your Social Security Card. Don¹t think needles, think about saving a few lives by donating a little blood and a few minutes of your time this semester.

Sign ups are taking place in the Bookstore Patio, and the Red Cross is available for questions at (800) 843-2949, ext. 5521.
­Jackie Perez


The Glendale College Vaqueros' volleyball team lost last Friday against a tough Ventura College team by scores of 11-15, 3-15, and 3-15.

The team struggled hard to stay in the contest, but they came apart at the last minute.

These problems occurred after they won their first game against East Los Angeles College on Sept. 8, by scores of 15-1, 15-1, 15-11, and 15-5. But when they played their second game against Moorpark on Sept. 13, they lost the game and their losing streak began. They finally broke their losing streak against Chaffey College and San Bernardino College on Sept. 23.

Now 4-16 overall, 0-3 in the conference, the Lady Vaqs volleyball team still looks for some victories in upcoming games. Head Coach Mary Jane Smith feels that her team will never give up.

"We're changing our lineups," said Coach Smith. "We're trying to find the right combination of players, talents, and right personalities that will click. We haven't found it yet."

Even Assistant Coach Kathy Pudelko knows that winning is not as important as loving the sport. She also knows how hard the players work to make sure that they play well.

There are three good veteran players in this line-up: Leilani Artis, Monica Pongracz, and Lisa Sartoris, who is daughter of Athletic Director Jim Sartoris. These three women score an average of 7 points per game and 4 blocked shots per game. They are the only three starters that are sophomores; last year, they helped their team become Northern Division Conference champions.

With the loss to Ventura, they face a long road ahead. But Coach Smith is confident in her women, and she is trying to break into the game a list of new players: Katie Bomar, Reynalyn Cornelio, Christina Hacopian, Denise Pogroszewski, Michelle Salazar, Joy Sukphramee, Connie Tazekandy, Michelle Valle, Monica Viveros, and Kim White.
­Fernando Roldan


³Hey! Good to see you! Glad to see you!² If you haven¹t heard these words this semester, you must have been hiding under a rock. However, even if you were deaf, you would probably see this young man jumping up and down the Glendale Community College campus bringing smiles and pumping everyone up with energy. Now, meet the man behind the GQ clothing and million dollar smile!

His name is Michael Ifield. He is a 23-year-old, first-semester student here at GCC. He has been attending Los Angeles Valley College for three years as a psychology major. He is here only to get extra units and plans to graduate from LAVC next semester

This man is special not because of his grades, not because he has so much energy, not even because of his smile and manners. What makes Michael Ifield special is what he does for all of us on campus. He makes us smile and makes us laugh. He brings our spirits up when many of us are down. He lets all of us know that we can always smile. He exists in all of us.

He admits that he wasn¹t always like this. He said that he was like some of us who feel directionless or out of place. Eventually he realized that this was the rest of his life and he needed to take the initiative in his life: ³Listen to your parents. Take the initiative for yourself. When you do something, don¹t compete with everyone else. Do it for yourself!²

There is another thing that makes Michael special. His desire to teach the young minds that will be our future. He plans to become a teacher. He wants to work at the high school level, but he intends to work his way up to that level perhaps after teaching elementary.

Can you imagine a person like him teaching, molding the minds of young America? I think one person can make a difference. If he were a teacher, I would send my children to him. Imagine the happiness the children would feel being exposed to a man like him. I don¹t think I would have some of the pressures I have today if I had him as a teacher.

So remember, next time you hear him say,²Good to see you,² Don¹t be afraid to answer,²Good to see you too!²
­Nars Del Rosario

Column of the Week


Dear Governor Wilson,

Welcome back, Pete! Welcome back to California. Remember us? That's right, we're the state you pledged the next four years of your life to serving and bettering. The state that was, and still is, in economic disarray. You were gonna fix that. The state with the second largest public hospital system in America, also facing severe economic troubles. You were gonna try to fix that too. You were going to do so much.

Then you left. A few months into your second term you started dabbling you toes into the would-be-presidential waters.

How was Iowa, anyway? I hear the corn is great.

Anyhow, now you¹re back and your short-lived bid for the Presidency has failed. And I'm sorry for you. What a drag.

I'm sorry that just putting your face on television in Iowa doesn't get the vote, or bolster public support. That would've made things much easier.

I'm sorry that you had to go outside­getting your feet all dirty­and even shake a few hands. I guess you didn't do much better in person than you did on Tee-Vee. It's that plastic complection, buddy, you just never look entirly real. I wish I could do something about those shoes, though. I'd buy you a new clean pair, but I can't really afford to. I am, after all, a student.

You know, fee hikes and all.

A shame, too. What with all you've done to cripple affirmative action, and pushing through Prop. 187, I think you really could've had that important Southern vote.

So now you're back and you wouldn't believe what's been going on around here. I'll help get you caught up on the state of your state.

Hmmm, well, President Clinton, the Democrat, flew in a couple of weeks ago and bailed out your L.A. County public health care system. Something like $364 million dollars. Good ol' Bill saved the day. Not the future, but the day. He rocked out at the House of Blues, too. I don't care what you say about him, I think he's kinda cool.

That Gore fella could use a stiff drink, though. Put some color in his cheeks.

We're laying off firemen, health care workers, life guards, sheriffsÉ Basically taking a bite out of every government agency whose job is to keep California safe.

Gang violence was only higher during you last term, but at least it's slowly dropping. Slowly.

And it doesn't even look like the swallows are coming back to Capistrano. Are you sure you want to come back? Taking care of this state might be more than you can handle.

I saw you on the news when you were in Iowa, and you looked pretty happy. Well, at first you did. It must have been nice to back off from your gubernatorial resaponsibilities for a while.

But hey, I wouldn't worry. I hear Bob Dole bailed you out of your $1 mil debt, and they're calling you a political powerbroker­someone who goes around rallying people against Bill and the boys on the left, without trying to make them like you. That should be a cake walk. You can smear anybody. Maybe Bob will ask you to share his presidential ticket. Feel like being a sidekick for a while?

I can read the headlines now: Wilson On The Dole

Your Pal, John Lyon

Good night. Don¹t forget to lock up and use the door club. Your feedback is always appreciated.

See ya next week...


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