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We are in week#6, the LAST WEEK. Book Report Due this week! Final this week covering everything! Try to get at least 3 hours of Lab Work every week.

Check in both at the desk and here in the lesson page each time you do your Lab Work:

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When the screen says that the DATA has been accepted, press the BACK button to get back to this page, then proceed with the weekly assignments listed here. You only need to submit your name once a session. Finish all these exercises in the order listed.
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We meet on MTWTH at 10:30AM-12:45PM in room AD 242.

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How to Do These Assignments
Start these assignments by tapping on the underlined words. Some of the assignments simply require you to read the materials. You may find some of the information on tests. Other assignments require you to type short paragraphs into the question box and submit the material. It is then sent via the Internet to your teacher. Some assignments are multiple choice questions which you must answer and then send the results to your teacher. Keep up with the weekly work. Ask for help from the English Lab staff or your teacher.

Week Do These Assignments:
  • The Basics (READ ME FIRST)
  • How to Read Better and Faster
  • Speed Reading Tips from MindTool
  • Speed Reading Test OnLine
  • Study Reading from the University of Waterloo
  • How Your Behavior Affects your Scholastic Success
  • Written Assignment #1
  • What's your e-mail address?
  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Learning And Remembering
  • The Curve of Forgetting

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 41A
    Lesson 41B
    Lesson 41C
    Lesson 42A
    Lesson 42B
    Lesson 42C

  • 2
  • Article on MEMORY from St.Thomas University
  • Speed Reading Methods
  • Summary of Phonics Rules
  • Reading as a Writer
  • Practice Quiz of Speed Reading Terms Practice for the first quiz.
  • Internet Assignment #1 Find biographical information about the author of your book report book.
  • Dividing Words into Syllables Review

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 51A
    Lesson 51B
    Lesson 51C
    Lesson 52A
    Lesson 52B
    Lesson 52C
    Lesson 53A
    Lesson 53B
    Lesson 53C
    Lesson 54A
    Lesson 54B
    Lesson 54C

    If you have kids, read aloud to them. It's better for you and great for them

  • 3 Holiday on Monday, January 20-Martin Luther King Day
  • Roots Dictionary
    Review and print this page.
  • SQ3R Method for study reading
  • How to Outline
  • Practice Quiz in Greek & Latin Roots
  • Outline Review Quiz

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 61A
    Lesson 61B
    Lesson 61C
    Lesson 62A
    Lesson 62B
    Lesson 62C
    Lesson 63A
    Lesson 63B
    Lesson 63C
    Lesson 64A
    Lesson 64B
    Lesson 64C

  • 4
  • Finding the Main Ideas in Paragraphs
  • Samples of vowel sounds and
    their pronunciation
  • Start your Book Report.
    You may type it in the English Lab.
  • Dividing Words into Syllables II
  • Phonics Practice Quiz
  • The Short Vowel Sounds Review realvideo , QuickTime
  • Medical Terminology Quiz
  • Internet Assignment #2
    Due at the end of the semester.
    Read & Answer the Questions:
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Turlough O'Carolan
  • President Clinton in Glendale

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 71A
    Lesson 71B
    Lesson 71C
    Lesson 72A
    Lesson 72B
    Lesson 72C
    Lesson 73A
    Lesson 73B
    Lesson 73C
    Lesson 74A
    Lesson 74B
    Lesson 74C

  • 5
  • Propaganda Analysis Home Page Read through this entire file. An excellent resource about propaganda.
  • Political Presidential Advertising View this history of advertisements. Read the "Historical Timeline".
  • AdBusters: A Magazine of Media Criticism Review this media-critical website
    Book Report is Due on the last day of class.
    You may type it in the English Lab.

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 81A
    Lesson 81B
    Lesson 81C
    Lesson 82A
    Lesson 82B
    Lesson 82C
    Lesson 83A
    Lesson 83B
    Lesson 83C
    Lesson 84A
    Lesson 84B
    Lesson 84C

  • 6 Finals on February 13th. Book Report is Due on the last day of class.
    You may type it in the English Lab.
  • More Information on Propaganda
  • Unicorn in the Garden
  • Halloween Customs
  • Creation Story

    Reading Comprehension Lessons
    Lesson 91A
    Lesson 91B
    Lesson 91C
    Lesson 92A
    Lesson 92B
    Lesson 92C
    Lesson 93A
    Lesson 93B
    Lesson 93C
    Lesson 94A
    Lesson 94B
    Lesson 94C

  • You should have at least 16 hours of Lab Work done by the end of the semester.

    Here's where you can get some help:

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