Online Political Links

by Mike Eberts
associate professor of mass communications
Glendale Community College

The Internet has changed politics forever. During the 1996 campaign, you could download a Clinton/Gore screen saver, design a virtual Dole/Kemp campaign poster, generate a synthetic Newt Gingrich speech, support a virtual candidate for president, search a database of contribututors to federal candidates or get online updates from media heavyweights like CNN and Time Magazine. Below is a selection of political links. On most web browsers, the link will open in a separate window. The window containing this page should be underneath. (NOTE: Some of these sites have been discontinued following the November 1996 elections. I'll be weeding out those sites soon.

This server also includes an account of President Clinton's address at Glendale College on June 11, 1996.

NOTE: For a more structured tour of the relationship between politics and the media, see my Politics OnLine page.

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This page was begun on President's Day, Feb. 19, 1996. The state and local links listed below were added on March 3, 1996. Revisions were most recently made on Jan. 12, 1997. This page does not signify endorsement of or opposition to any candidate or ballot measure.

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