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Although some don't like to admit it, the El Vaquero is the official student newspaper of Glendale College. One way or another, it's published on 22 Fridays each academic year (we've found that the weekend makes a convenient cooling off period).

In addition to the classic hard-copy format, the El Vaquero is also available in an e-mail edition, which has come to be known as the "Cybervaq" to its dozens of loyal readers. It's condensed to be half as long, yet fully as annoying as the hard-copy version.

Since we know you're anxious to dig right in and taste these chunky curds of reading pleasure, we'll stop yammering and bring you the ...

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Special Report Archive

The El Vaquero occasionally sends a whole bunch of people to write about the same damn subject. Others might call that repetitive, but we call it a Special Report. For example, we emptied out the newsroom (except for the half-eaten pizzas and stuff) to answer the question that had so many Glendale College students scratching their heads that at first we thought it was an outbreak of head lice: Why Can't We Get Out in Two Years?

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