Mass Comm 101 Field Trip Photos
Welcome to the Mass Comm 101 field trip photo page.

Photos of recent field trips are linked to this page. 
Fall 1999
Alex Theatre (Oct. 23)
Los Angeles Times (Oct. 29)
Spring 2000
Museum of TV&Radio (Feb. 2)
Getty Center (Feb. 2)
KCET-TV(Feb. 24)
Skylight Books(Feb. 24)
Los Angeles Times (March 31)
"Citizen Kane" at the Alex Theatre (April 15)

NOTE: Photos are not available for all field trips. Television tapings, for example, strictly prohibit the audience from bringing cameras.

Photos of some of our earlier field trips have been posted to our Yahoo! web site. Click on "Photos" on the left side of the screen at the Yahoo! site. A brief signup process may be required.

At left, Mass Comm 101 Student Ann Greyson at the Alex Theatre.

Mass Comm 101 students at the Getty Center with gallery teacher Laura Peterson.

Mass Comm 101 students with radio talk show host Michael Jackson, Summer '99