(L) On stage at the Irish Fest, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (R) With comedian Hal Roach. (Write that down!.... )

February 13-15, 1998
It was a bit windy and rainy on the Sunday of this year's Irish Fest, Fort Lauderdale, but Saturday was a beautiful day. Dennis performed on the pub stage several times a day and also did the music for the festival Liturgy, assisted by Noel Kingston and Dermott O'Brian.

(L) On stage at the Celtic Concert with Fr.Liam Lawton, John Bell, Gary Daigle, and Marty Haugen (R) The new family helping out at the booth,

February 19-22, 1998
Once again Dennis performed at the annual Catholic Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. About 30,000 people came to hear talks, workshops, concerts and to participate in special Liturgies. Dennis played at the Celtic Mass, lead by Fr. Liam Lawton. He also played at the Saturday evening Celtic Concert featuring the talents of most of the GIA published artists. Dennis sold tapes and cd's through a booth.

Pictures from some of the places Dennis performed at in 1997.

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