February 6, 2002
We Spend a Warm Winter Afternoon at the Getty Center
After lunch, most of the MC101s continued on to the Getty Center. A few brought guests, which is encouraged. A visit to the Getty Center is a nice thing to share with someone else.

These are some of the early attivals.

Getting to the top of the hill is part of the fun. The Getty Center trams are clean, quiet and offer a nice view of the surrounding hills and city.
The Getty galleries are great, but this field trip is also an outdoor experience. The city and hill views and the Getty Center's architecture and gardens make it a great place to hang out with friends while getting a chance to apply some of the material taught in MC101. 
Clearly, the Getty Center is an attraction for people all over the world. The amount of languages in which Getty Center literature is available is truly impressive.
Here's the view to the south, overlooking the cactus garden and the Westside.
Here's an overview shot of the Getty Gardens. It's a nice place to spend a little time
By the time we finished going through the galleries, the sun was setting on another great MC101 field trip day. This shot is from the tram as I was going back down the hill.