May 19, 2006
We Examine Media and
Art at the Getty Center
 Our not too organized MC101 group
The Getty Center is a much-awaited Mass Comm 101 field trip. MC101s are encouraged to roam all around this world-class facility to complete an assignment that ties together much of what has been taught in the course to this point.

Here are some of our early arrivals. It's foggy because today's field trip was scheduled in the morning instead of the afternoon and the marine layer (damp air off the nearby Pacific Ocean) was thick.

We eventually drew almost 100 MC101s and guests.

At the Getty
In addition to doing their assignment, the MC101s were exposed to one of the world's most lavish art museums.

 Roaming around the Getty Center
The MC101s had an assignment that encouraged them to roam all around the Getty.

  Doing the assignment
It was a perfect afternoon to hang out with friends while doing an enjoyable but illuminating assignment. (At least, I think these guys are doing the assignment, um, maybe a little bit?)

 An indoor-outdoor museum
Students enjoyed the outside of the museum as much as they did the galleries inside.
Lunch on the lawn  
After doing their assignments, some MC101s had lunch on the broad sloping lawn overlooking the Getty Gardens and the Pacific.

Take me to the afternoon firld trip at the Museum of Television & Radio.