July 12, 2002
We End the Semester's Field Trips with an Afternoon at the Getty Center
The Getty Center field trip is always a sort of celebration. It is generally the last field trip of the semester and the MC101s are ready for one more self-paced experience that they can enjoy with their friends.

As always, there was a good turnout of MC101s at the Getty.

The tram ride up the hill is a nice way to leave the harsh city below and be transported to an idealized place of great art and high culture.
The MC101s seemed to be in an especially good mood for this last field trip of the semester. 
We even had an extra photographer documenting this field trip. Some of Scott Stalnaker's photos will be included on this page.
When entering the Getty Center, the first stop is the Orientation Building.

Clearly, the Getty Center is an attraction for people all over the world. The amount of languages in which Getty Center literature is available is truly impressive.

Anyhow, Scott got a picture of two MC101s in the Orientation Building with a nerdy teacher-type in the middle.
The Getty, for all its great art, is a museum you view outdoors as well as indoors.

Here's the view to the south, overlooking the cactus garden and the Westside.

The object of this field trip was to see how this world class facility uses mass media to make great art more accessible to the masses. The MC101s roamed all around in doing their assignment.
It turned out to be a beautiful day to see and be seen on the fashionable Westside.