July 20, 2004
We End a Great Semester of MC101 Field Trips
with a Warm Summer Afternoon at the Getty Center
In the next-to-last field trip of the semester, MC101s are encouraged to roam all around this world class facility to complete an assignment that ties together much of what is taught in the course.

Here is some of our Getty Center group. We eventually drew 41 MC101s and guests.

Getting from the Getty's parking structure to the top of the hill is part of the fun. A clean, quiet tram carries patrons to the top of the hill. 
Some MC101s visited the Getty Gardens, which are a beautiful place to be.
In a way, the end of this field trip is a little sad because it means the semester is almost over and it is time for a very energetic, inquisitive and enyoyable group of MC101 students to move on. 

But it also gives us a moment to look back and celebrate the places we have gone and things we have learned.

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