July 30, 2003
We View Great Art and Ponder the
Role of Media at the Getty Center
The Getty Center has evolved into the pentultimate Mass Comm 101 field trip. In the final field trip of the semester, MC101s are encouraged to roam all around this world class facility to complete an assignment that ties together much of what is taught in MC101.

Here is some of our group.

The Getty Center has a clean, quiet electric tram that slowly climbs the hill from the parking area. These MC101s are on-time and ready for their field trip assignment.
Out the tram window, the Getty Center looms.
After a short intro to the assignment, the MC101s begin to get their bearings. These MC101s are pictured with a map of the facility.
Soon enough, the MC101s were on their way to checking out the galleries.
The Getty's galleries are a delightfully mixed bag. The Getty always has something impressive pertaining to illuminated manuscripts (which, coincidentally, are covered in Mass Comm 101).
Occasionally, the Getty also shows a somewhat whimsical side. This exhibit features offbeat, yet understated photos that recorded social change in the 1960s.
Some MC101s visited the Getty Gardens, themselves a work of art. It was a beautiful day to be outside, although a marine layer hung over the coast, limiting the ocean views.
The Getty Gardens were inviting enough to encourage some MC101s to take their shoes off and enjoy the cool water trickling through.
Sunglasses are a good idea if visiting the Getty on a sunny day. There is a lot of glare off the glass and marble.
Most of the MC101s left between 4 and 6 p.m. We went down the tram into the inevitable traffic.

Nevertheless, it had been a great day of field trips on the fashionable Westside.

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