Nov. 22, 2006
We Examine Media and
Art at the Getty Center
Getty Group F06
The Getty Center is a much-awaited Mass Comm 101 field trip. MC101s are encouraged to roam all around this world-class facility to complete an assignment that ties together much of what has been taught in the course to this point.

Here are some of our early arrivals on this foggy afternoon.

Tram F06
We arrived on the Getty's quiet, clean, automated electric tram.
At the Getty
The MC101s had an assignment that encouraged them to roam all around the Getty.
Doing the Getty Assignment F06
Part of the field trip involved hanging out with friends while doing an enjoyable but illuminating assignment. These MC101s (or at least one of them) was busily working on the assignment.
Getty Garden
Students enjoyed the outside of the museum as much as they did the galleries inside. This is a view of the Getty Gardens.
Getty at Sunset
As the sun set over the Pacific, the MC101s finished their field trip assignments, got on the tram, and said goodbye to the Getty Center.