Vocabulary From the Text: Review

anorexia eating disorder characterized by self-starvation
archaic old-fashioned
august grand, lavish (not the month of August)
bulimia eating disorder characterized by bingeing and purging, self-induced vomiting, laxitive abuse and excessive exercise
calligraphy fancy writing
cannibalizing eating human flesh, or taking parts from one machine to help another run properly
chalah a braided Jewish bread eaten on special holidays
chronic all the time, or long term
circumcision a bris, or the surgical removal of the foreskin on a newborn male baby as a religious sign of commitment
colicky irritable crying
construed interpreted
coquettish like a coquette, a flirt, flirtatious
criteria standards
cupolas a round structure forming part of a roof of a house
dank damp
deficiency lack, not enough
deputation a group of citizens to represent others
diffident shy, hesitant
dishabille partially undressed
dispensation exemption
dowry money or property given by a bride's family to her husband
dybbuks demons
ebony a black wood
encroached moved in, surrounded, pushed out
gilt gold coating
golem in this story, a blockhead, a stupid person
Gorgons in Greek mythology, a creature so ugly that people turned to stone who if seen.
guilder a unit of money in the Netherlands
gutted destroyed, as a butcher animal
hereditary inherited
Hippocratic Eye a scientific viewpoint (from the Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates)
indignantly angrily
lexicographers dictionary writers, experts with words
lying-in giving birth
mad in this text, not angry, but rabid from the bite of a wild animal
managed care a health system, like an HMO, in which health care in managed, limiting patient's choices and often the speed of delivery of a procedure, in order to lower costs
Messiah the promised savior from God, whose arrival is announced by the blowing of a ram's horn
mock fake, or to make fun of..
motes specks
obliterated destroyed
obsessively excessively, irrationally
outpatient treatment from a hospital or clinic without being hospitalized overnight
pallid hue pale color
perpetuity forever
pious religious
rabbi teacher and spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation
ravaged horribly damaged
remitted cancelled
rhetoric clever words
rooked cheated out of money or opportunity
spires small steeples, as on a church
synagogue a Jewish house of worship
Torah the first 5 books of the old testament
tread, trod to walk
treasonable faithless, treacherous
tripe the stomach lining of cattle or sheep which is used for food.
unscathed unharmed; without injury
vanquished defeated
welkin heaven
yeshiva an Orthodox Jewish school for preparing young men for the rabbinic ministry