Celtic Roots Festival and Celtic College
Goderich, Ontario, Canada
The Celtic Roots Festival is about the friendliest and deepest Celtic event in North America. The festival is preceeded by a four-day Celtic College featuring instruction by some of the best musicians and cultural experts that I've ever seen in one place. Besides musicians, there were expert artisans, sculptors, a blacksmith, woodworkers and an expert in Celtic cooking. This was topped off by a three day weekend festival in the town's Harbour Park which overlooks Lake Huron. A wonderful sense of community built up between the artists, musicians, the local communtiy, and students. 'Twas a beautiful experience.

Here are the happy harpists at the Celtic College in Goderich. We accomplished a lot in an intense 4-day program.

Dancing at the Roots Festival August 7-9.

Brian Taheny, extraordinary multiinstrumentalist from County Sligo at the teacher's dinner at the Benmiller Inn.

Dennis on the Main Stage on Sunday afternoon.

Sharing the stage with Brian Taheny and Robin Bullock. Often musicans who hadn't worked together before were thown together on the small stage, resulting in great fun and magic.

Pictures from other recent gigs.

Dennis Doyle ddoyle@glendale.cc.ca.us