Review this Vocabulary

"The Hanging" by George Orwell, p.219
"Digging" by Seamus Heaney, page 19

sodden soaked The path was clotted with sodden leaves.
desolately gloomily The desolate cabin deep in the mountains left him depressed.
Dravidian an ethnic group in India The suspect was a member of a Dravidian cult.
magistrates law-enforcing officials The magistrate supervised the execution.
pariah member of an outcast group A rape victim may become a pariah in her home villiage.
aghast shock We were aghast that she would be so disrespectful toward the Queen.
gambolled leaping playfully The dog gambolled and played near the corpse.
Eurasian one of mixed European and Asian descent He could tell that the beautiful girl was of Eurasian descent.
gait way of walking His crippled gait made him look like an old man.
servile like an obedient servant His servile obdedience to his boss made everyone feel contempt toward him.
reiterated repeated He reiterated the answer.
abominable awful The abominable dictator was defeated in a palace coup.
timorous shy The timorous mouse fled when the light went on.
oscillated moved back and forth She oscillated back and forth in trying to decide to take the job or not.
lathis clubs The staff did not trust the interns with guns, so they were given lathis as weapons.
pannikin small pan or cup The prisoners were each given a scoop of rice on their pannikins.
boxwallah peddler The boxwallah's wares were mostly pirated cd's.
rupees monetary unit of India The entire software collection was only 2,000 rupees.
garrulously talking in a confused, babbling, rambling mannner His garrulous jokes annoyed the teacher.
genially pleasantly His genial expression masked the anger below.
spade shovel. He broke open the hard soil with the old spade.
turf peat, a type of soft coal. The smell of the turf-fire reminds me that I am home in Ireland.
bog soft, wet, mucky land, a peat bog The bog has swallowed many a tool.
sod chunks of peat. He threw the sod onto a pile to dry.
curt short, abrupt, rude His curt reply signalled that the conversation was over.