Griffith Park History

Hiking in Griffith Park

Hiking along Griffith Park's 53 miles of trails is one of L.A.'s great urban experiences.

Fast Fact: Dante Orgolini (founder of Dante's View), Charlie Turner (Dante's longtime successor as caretaker of Dante's View) and Amir Dialameh (founder of Amir's Garden) were all immigrants to the United States ... as was Col. Griffith J. Griffith, the park's donor. Dante's View and Amir's Garden are trailside gardens in Griffith Park, maintained by volunteers.

  • I've written an introduction to hiking in Griffith Park.
  • The Department of Recreation and Parks' Griffith Park Home Page has some information on hiking in Griffith Park.
  • The Sierra Club sponsors hikes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. These hikes meet at the Merry-Go-Round parking lots, begin at 7 and last until about 9. There are usually several hikes--some easier, some harder--to choose from. For more information on these hikes, e-mail Ron or Carol Brusha at
  • Griffith Park booster Tom LaBonge conducts quarterly hikes to the top of Mt. Hollywood. These well-attended events usually culminate in a lavish pot-luck meal at the peak. LaBonge, who is also an aide to Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, often arranges for a police helicopter fly-by and other fun stuff.
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