How to Use PassKey

Sit down at one of the computers in the Learning Center or in the CAI Lab. If the PassKey program is not already running, tap on the PassKey icon. When everything is warmed up, a screen like this should appear:

Andy or Maria, who manage the CAI Lab will give you your user name and password. After typing your name and password, tap on the green arrow. This next page should appear:

Tap on the assigned subject area, either Reading,Writing, Math, or General Science and do the lessons in the order presented in the schedule. The software is designed to be diagnostic/prescriptive, which means that the software will give you a series of questions at the start of each lesson. If you do well in the lesson, the computer will automatically skip ahead to an area that you need to work on. You work continuously on the lessons and periodic reports are sent to the instructor. The program keeps track of where you left off, but only if you close the program correctly. When you are finished with an assignment press the F10 key along the top of the keyboard to save your work and then hit Quit . Don't turn off the computer. Report any computers that don't work.