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Humor Hall of Fame

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The Mother of all Humor Archives - Something to tickle anyone's funnybone here! Check out News of the Weird. . .

Comedians' Web Pages - Alphabetized links to dozens of sites run by comedians and comedy clubs.

The Nerdity Test - "Dare you take it ???"

Humor Web - List of humor text page links, newsgroups, and links to other pages, including: 50 Fun Things To Do In A Final, Oxymorons, Things That Make You Go Hmmm. . ., Make Your Own Country and Western Song, and MORE!

Oracle Service Humor Archives - Links to Hypertext Humor Archives, Interactive Humor from all over the world, "Over 600 text files' worth of the best humor found on the net," Comics Page, and Humor Hotlist.

Sasha's Collection of Intelligent Humor - Sasha's personal favorites from bloopers to quotes, as well as links to other humor buffs through her Guest Book.

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