July 18, 2003
We Spend a Summer Evening at the
World-Famous Hollywood Bowl
This summer, an evening at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl was added to the lineup of Mass Comm 101 field trips.

We attended the "Blue Planet" concert. The event presented scenes from an award-winning BBC nature documentary. The score for each of the scenes was played live by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Here's the scene a few minutes before the start of the concert.

I'd like to say that we were sitting among the beautiful people in the boxes at the front, but that wouldn't be quite accurate. Actually, we sat way at the top, Section X. But it was a great $3 ticket and the ushers let us move up a section into the empty area pictured here.
Here's the program for Blue Planet. On stage was the maker of the documentary, one of the photographers, and Ed Begley Jr., who served as Emcee.
After dark, the Bowl truly becomes a special place. Summer evenings typically feature perfect weather in Southern California. And our perch high on the canyon provided some fine hillside views.
It was an unusual field trip in that the MC101s signed in and then were pretty much left to enjoy the concert on their own. A lot of MC101s brought friends and family.
Here's some genuine Hollywood Bowl merchandise. You could take home your own personal Hollywood Bowl.
And for a paltry fee you could take the rulers of music home with you.