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World Wide Web Sites

Available for those with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer, Mosaic, Lynx, MacWeb, WinWeb, America OnLine or any other web browser.

If you have trouble reaching these sites, try connecting to them through a higher directory, i.e., leave off the back end of the address up to the slash mark. Also, watch out for simple misspellings which may crop up as you type long addresses.

General Information

Master Irish Home Page

Virtual Tourist Guide to Ireland. This has links to: Irish Universities, Irish Genealogy, The Irish Language, Irish Literature and Theater on the Web, Irish Music on the Web, Irish Economics, Politics and Current Affairs, Other Tourist Guides to Ireland, Dublin, Ireland's Capital City.

HEAnet's Irish National Information Server

Based in Ireland, relevant, high-quality information of interest to the academic community in Ireland and beyond. Links go leor.

Doras Index

A comprehensive guide Irish Internet sites with excellent reviews.


A comprehensive guide to Irish Resources in the USA.

Irish American Net

Another much more comprehensive guide to Irish Resources in the USA. It's very complete with references in most states.


A wonderful resource for news, events in Ireland and the USA and much more. Well worth a look.

Irish Recipes 'n' Stuff

A pretty good collection.

Canadian Association for Irish Studies

Contains a newsletter and points to their journal.

island Ireland

A wonderful comprehensive collection of links about Ireland, well organized, elegantly conceived and executed.

Irish Library Gophers: gopher://

Use a WWW browser to read the FAQ files for the various login and passwords, then use Telnet to access.

The Scottish Web: Tartan Pages

A very comprehensive page featuring links to just about everything you'd like to know about Scotland.

Isle of Man Home Pages

North American Manx Association

Manx Language Documents


The Irish Times, Dublin

Major daily newspaper with links to other Irish Resources

RTE Online Home Page

Ireland's national radio/television network information and downloadable sound files of broadcasts in English and Gaelic, news summaries. A quick summary of news in Ireland is also available through RTE Aertel, a "teletext" service at

Irish Language News on the Radio

Irish Voice Online

Up to date news about Ireland and Irish-related events in the USA. New York based.

Irish News: Southern California

Articles from a Los Angeles based Irish American newspaper. Includes national calendar of events and international news.

An Scathan

Internet Edition of a popular Irish American periodical out of Pennsylvania. Wonderful effort with great design...many sections are still under construction.

An Doras: An American Journal of Gaelic Culture

Well written dual-language paper in English and Irish-Gaelic. Has a great list of links to other things Gaelic. Wonderful effort.

The Irish X-Press:

WWW pages produced by the locked out Irish Press journalists. A bit dated now (October '95 was when it was written), but actually pretty cool!

Irish Newspapers from the Internet Public Library

Dublin Daily Events

Irish Literature

Read Ireland

A wonderful bookstore based in Dublin. The site features articles about Irish authors, subjects, reviews and many links.

Kennys Books and Art, Galway

One of the best bookshops in Ireland

Irish Literature on the Web

The ultimate Irish literature site with history, information about authors and links to further information, by Local Ireland.

Music & Dance

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive

Artists Information, Tour Schedules, Discographies, links to major artist home pages, Celtic music publications, etc. also some Music Archives. Celtic musicians wishing to have their schedules published in the monthly Ceolas calendar should e-mail the information to:

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

An organization of traditional Irish musicians. A page based in America:

The official CCE page in Ireland

Irish World Music Centre

At the University of Limerick.

The Harp Page

Folk and orchestra harp resources.


Wonderful traditional Irish harp resource.

Clannad WWW Homepage

The Bodhran Players Home Page

A complete guide to the dreaded instrument.

Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738)

Links to pages about my favorite Irish composer including biography, tunes, samples, discographies, etc..

Celtic Regional Arts Institute of California

A group committed to education and enhancement of the broad spectrum of Celtic Arts in Southern California. Great calendar of Southern California events. Contact them to find out where the good L.A. sessions are.

Lark in the Morning

Hard to find musical instruments with Interviews with musicians, articles about traditional music.

Irish Feis List

From the Broesler School of Irish Dance. Includes links to information about Irish dance competition in North America.

Riverdance Official Website

From the incredible show of Irish dance and music...


Interactive Irish Gaelic Course on the Internet

Short course from Trinity College. Includes a wonderful section on curses, blessings and terms of endearment.

Irish Gaelic Course Kurs/index.html

Course with dictionary. (There have been some problems with the method, but there are links to other Gaelic sites here.)

Gaelic/Irish Language Home Page

Other Gaelic/Irish Language Information

from Trinity College, Dublin

by Ronald Ogawa. Contains extra practice lessons by Nancy Stenson for Learning Irish by O/ Siadhail.

Irish-Gaelic Word of the Day Site Focal an Lae

Short lessons which help you build vocabulary. This is the archive related to an e-mail list which has since closed down.

Irish Gaelic Songs

Irish Language songs with lyrics and rough melody.

Everson Gunn Teoranta

Irish Language software, fonts, games for Macintosh and Windows.

Welcome to Sabhal Mor Ostaig

Scottish Gaelic Information from Scotland's Gaelic-medium college on the island of Skye. Includes Gaelic-English online dictionary, newsletter and world-wide courses available. A real treasure.

Irish-Gaelic Summer Courses in Ireland (Cu/rsanna Samhraidh do Dhaoine Fa/sta ag:)

Notes for an Introductory Irish Class

Contains notes from the hand-out for Dennis Doyle's workshop on Introductory Irish with simple expressions and pronunciations.

Welsh Language Newsgroup Information


Doras Art Index

Irish art collections, galleries, and arts centres.

Highlander Graphics Software

Source for Celtic clip art and fonts. Free samples available. Nicely designed page with links.

Aisling Gallery, Hingham, MA

A wonderful gallery of Irish Art in the USA.

Ultimate Celtic Clip Art

Excellent quality, quantity and variety of art free for nonprofit use and licensing available for commercial site use. Also has very comprehensive set of links to other sources of Celtic art and fonts.


Irish History on the Web site

A wonderful site with great links to Irish historical resources.

A Timeline of Irish History

An excellent timeline of Irish history, includes some interesting historical links.

Wild Geese Heritage Museum and Library

A small institution doing research on the concept of the "Wild Geese".

Celtic Home Page

The Great Irish Famine

by the Thomas Archdeacon

Dalriada Celtic Heritage Society gopher:// or gopher://

MacDathos Pig

Ancient Irish Saga with hypertext vocabulary help, text in old Irish and English and interesting related links

English translation of the Tain Bo Cualgne (Cattle-Raid of Cooley),

Brehon Aid

An excellent site on ancient Brehon law and much more.


Notes on Celtic Christian Spirituality

Contains notes from the hand-out for Dennis Doyle's workshop on Celtic Spirituality. Has a bibliography, timeline, summaries of concepts and suggestions in music and art for adapting Christian liturgy to Celtic themes.

Orthodox Celtic Spirituality

Excellent site with plenty of content on the lives of the saints, liturgy, and much more. It also contains a good bibliography with reviews and other links to Celtic Christianity.

The Confessions of St.Patrick

St.Patrick's own words translated from the original Latin.

About St.Patrick

From an Irish News article.

The Carmina Gaedelica Online

Ancient Celtic Prayers collected by Alexander Carmichael

The Book of Kells

The Stowe Celtic Liturgy

--an actual Celtic Liturgy from the 6th-8th centuries, complete, with complete rubrics.

Druid Links


North of Ireland Family History Society

With links to other genealogical resources

Irish Genealogical Society

Extensive list of resources compiled by this non-profit organization.

Scottish Clans and Families

Comprehensive list and information about tartans and such.

Genealogy FAQ

Frequently asked questions about genealogy, with excellent links.


Trinity College, Dublin

Home of the Trinity Library with the Book of Kells and the Brian Boru Harp.

Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland

Links to many Irish animal sites.

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