Newsgroups of Celtic Interest

For those who have access to servers that make usenet news available

  1. soc.culture.celtic
  2. soc.roots (genealogy stuff)
  3. alt.pagan
  4. alt.politics.british
  5. soc.culture.british
  9. soc.culture.scottish

Mail Lists

Available to anyone who has internet e-mail

To subscribe to these lists, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.HEA.IE with the following command in the text (not the subject) of your message:

SUBSCRIBE listname (your name)

Replace 'listname' with the name of the list in the list below.

for example:


ARCLIB-L Mailing List for Irish and UK Architecture

BRANCH-D Solitary Pagan Practitioner Digest

CELTIC-L CELTIC-L - The Celtic Culture List

GAELIC-L GAELIC Language Bulletin Board

IAC-L Irish Academic Computing IRL-PO IRL-POL - Discussion of Irish Politics

IRSAINFO Irish Research Scientists Association

IRTRAD-L Irish Traditional Music List

WELSH-L WELSH Language Bulletin Board

Also available:

Irish Studies List send SUBSCRIBE irish-studies (your name) to

Ireland_list send subscribe Ireland_list (your name) to

IRL_Discussion (uncensored discussion) send subscribe irl_discussion (your name) to

Folk Music List send SUBSCRIBE FOLK_MUSIC (your name) to

Folk Talk List send SUBSCRIBE FOLKTALK (your name) to

Folk Music DJ List -send SUBSCRIBE FOLKDJ-L (your name) to

The Bagpipe List -send SUBSCRIBE Bagpipe-request (your name) to

Irish Bouzoukis List -send subscribe cittern (your name) (your e-mail address) to

Irish-Gaelic Word of the Day List -send subscribe focail-list (your name) to

FIDDLE-L, a mailing list for the discussion of the fiddle in folk music. Send SUBSCRIBE FIDDLE-L (your name) to LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU

Beginning Irish (Language) List -Place the words "subscribe Gaeilge-B ...your name..." in the main body of the message. Send to .

Beginning Scottish Gaelic List -Place the words "subscribe Gaidhlig-B ...your name..." in the main body of the message. Send to .

Old Irish (Language) List -Place the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject - not in the main body of the message. Send to

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