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Celtic History Museum , Irish Accesories (CDEVs) , St. Patrick's Day Art, St. Patrick's Day GIF, Irish Art (PNTG), Green Irish spring landscape (Paint), Flowers of Redhill DMCS (Songs), Two Irish Songs (Songs), Clannad-Na Laethe Bhi SND (Music Samples ) , Delores Keane Irish Music SND (Music Samples ), Irish Gaelic Course, HeartQuest Gaelic v.0.8.7 (acade game), Gaeilgefont T1 (font), HP1 DB of Irish Song Lyrics, MIDI Files/Sequences: Wild Irish Rose MIDI+ENCR, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Old Irish Blessing, O'Carolan's Lament for MacCabe, O/Carolan/s Welcome, Turloch O'Carolan Harp Pieces

Also on America Online: A Celtic interest chat group has been meeting from 9 to 10 PM USA Eastern Standard time on Thursdays. Enter keyword Languages, click on One World Many Voices, then click on One World Cafe.

There is also talk of an Irish Language discussion group that meets Monday and Wednesday evenings. Go to the chat area and use the keyword "BISTRO" and look for the room on in the menu.

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Cleveland Freenet, with the Irish Network. Telnet to

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Claddagh Records,Traditional Music go leor

Irish Books & Media, Minneapolis, Source of Irish books in the USA

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