March 1, 2001
We Tour the Studios of KCET-TV
We assemble on a cool but thankfully dry Winter morning at the studios of KCET television.

KCET is one of the region's oldest public television stations. It was founded in 1964.

The station occupies land that has a long history of production for the large and small screens.
Many of the buildings and corridors we went through had a distinctly Old Hollywood ambiance.
The history of this place was nicely displayed in an old brick guard shack that stood at the old entrance to the studio.
Charles Ray Productions, for example, occupied the site as far back as the 1920s. Silent films were made here.
  Coming back to the here and now, we got to see KCET's control room. My digital camera doesn't handle low-light situations very well, but still, you get the idea that this is the nerve center of the station.
We also got to see the future of television. We caught a brief glimpse of digital high-definition television. Given its interactive possibilities, this technology holds particular value to educational television stations such as KCET.