Feb. 2, 2001
Our Downtown L.A. Adventure Continues;
We Eventually Reach the L.A. Central Library

Downtown Los Angeles is underrated as a place to walk around and enjoy. Here we are in the lobby of the 1893 Bradbury Building. A local landmark, this building has been seen in "Blade Runner" and other movies, TV shows and commercials.

Here are some MC101 students with KTLA news legend Stan Chambers.

I'd like to say that I planned this, but in truth it was just good luck. We had just eaten lunch at the Grand Central Market on an impossibly warm and sunny winter day. We walked across Hill Street to survey the damage to Angels Flight (the little incline railway pictured in the background). Stan Chambers was there to cover what would happen next to the much-loved 100-year-old funicular, which had crashed the day before.

We were at the L.A. Central Library to see an exhibit that traced Oz from the original 1900 novel through an entire century of spinoffs in print, on screens large and small, in merchandise and elsewhere. It made for an interesting mass media lesson.

They didn't allow picture-taking in the gallery and I complied.

After taking notes in the gallery, most students went outside into the library's tranquil MacGuire Garden to write up their observations.

Great weather, energized students, and a bit of good luck made this a MC101 field trip day to savor.