March 6, 2002
We Tour Downtown; Then on to
the Los Angeles Central Library
Perhaps some of my students had more fun on our informal Downtown history walk than on either of the MC101 field trips. Here's a group of us in the venerable 1893 Bradbury Building. If you've seen Blade Runner, you've seen the Bradbury.
And what would a Downtown walking tour be without a stop at the Bridal District, where the same storefront business will marry you, divorce you, and do your taxes.
The Grand Central Market (feeding Los Angeles since 1917) is a favorite of mine. We went through during the lunch hour. It was controlled chaos.
Finally, on to the library ...
The Los Angeles Central Library is an impressive facility. It combines cutting-edge information technology with a university- quality collection of books and other printed materials. Add a number of specialized library services and you have one of the finest public libraries anywhere.
In addition to everything else, the L.A. Public Library is a repository of public art. In any event, this library is much more than simply a big building that houses a collection of books.
MC101 students roved all over to do their assignment. The children's library is, like everything here, unusually well-stocked. Eventually, the assignments were completed, students checked out and a successful day of MC101 field trips came to a close.

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