July 3, 2003
We Conclude Our Day of Downtown Field
Trips at the Los Angeles Central Library
After our walking tour, we regrouped in the public garden just outside the Los Angeles Central Library. The MC101s' assignment is to tour this beautifully renovated and expanded facility and take note of the many nontraditional collections, features and services that it provides.
One of the nontraditional features of the L.A. Central Library is the Teen Scape section. It is a small library within a library that serves middle school and high school students. It also makes a run at being hip.
A little more traditional in feel is the Children's Library. It's a beautiful area, with an impressive collection of books. It also features computer terminals with kid-safe Internet access and a children's theater.
By the time the MC101s finished this assignment it was well into the afternoon. A few students went on to see other downtown sights. For example, the glass-walled elevators that run along the outside of the Bonaventure Hotel (several blocks from the Central Library) provide some terrific views of Downtown.