June 21, 2002
The Los Angeles Central Library--a Celebration of the Written Word (and more)
The Los Angeles Central Library is an impressive facility. It combines cutting-edge information technology with a university-quality collection of books and other printed materials. Add a number of specialized library services and you have one of the finest public libraries anywhere.

It is also a repository of public art. 

 But I get ahead of myself. This assignment began in the garden on the library's north side. The handout was handed out and the assignment was explained.

MC101s were encouraged to explore this facility in small groups.

The library is both old and new. The original portion of the library dates back to 1925. The Tom Bradley Wing, however, is only a few years old. This photo was taken near the entrance to the Bradley wing.
MC101s enjoyed exploring the 1925 Goodhue Wing (Bertram Goodhue was the architect).

Anyhow, this shot was taken in the charming and nicely-stocked Children's Library.

The MC101s eventually turned in their assignments, bringing this day of field trips to a close. Most drove back to campus or home. Others took the bus. A few of us hopped on the subway.

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