Jan. 10, 2002
Our Winter Intersession Tour of the Los Angeles Times
As part of Glendale College's  first-ever Winter Intersession, Mass Comm 101 drew its usual full class and, also as usual, embarked on a full schedule of media-related field trips.

Here we are on the first field trip of the semester, to the Los Angeles Times.

As always, the Mass Comm 101 field trip to the Times began with a hearty breakfast at Phillippe's, home of the French Dip Sandwich, a fixture in Downtown Los Angeles since 1908. Typically, only a few students answer the call for an early breakfast Downtown, but it is good to sit down and talk with them in a more informal setting than the classroom usually allows.
The always informative and engaging Darrell Kunitomi was our host at the Times. Here is Darrel telling us about some of the great front pages in Times history.
We got to see many of the facilities related to putting out the newspaper. Here is the newspaper's morgue. It is the in-house library where, among other things, old newspaper stories are archived.
Although terrorism jitters seem to have calmed somewhat since our last visit (which came 10 days after the attacks), heightened security continues to be evident.
After the Times tour, we took a walking tour of Downtown.On our tour, we went to the 1893 Bradbury Building, a Los Angeles landmark made internationally famous by being prominently displayed in the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner.
We wound up at the Grand Central Market--both to look at the place and to grab some lunch.
Our last stop before the Los Angeles Central Library was Pershing Square, where we pondered the sight of people ice skating outdoors in Downtown Los Angeles in 70-degree weather.

On to the Los Angeles Central Library.